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  • Company News
    pager power are recruiting
    Company News

    Pager Power is Recruiting

    Background Pager Power’s business is growing. This is due to a resurgence in the UK renewable sector and also a significant increase in demand from developers of UK city centre property. Our growth means we will be moving into a new larger office in Sudbury as well as the recruitment…

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    EU climate strategies

    EU Climate Strategies and Targets

    Background Set by the European Commission, the EU Climate Strategies and Targets aim to progressively reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions throughout the EU to combat the major threat of global warming. It comprises of three stages: 2020 Climate and Energy Package, 2030 Climate and Energy Framework, and 2050 Long-term…

  • Energy Policy
    decarbonising the UK economy
    Energy Policy

    Decarbonising the UK economy

    Background The UK intends to be carbon neutral by 2050. We take a look at how this policy is likely to impact our customers and stakeholders. We consider Renewable Energy developers, building developers as well as the operators of airports, radar and telecommunications systems. Figure 1 Solar Panels at Birmingham…

  • Aviation
    cranes and aviation risk
    AviationTall Building Development

    Cranes and Aviation Risk

    Background Cranes can present a physical obstruction risk to low flying aircraft. This risk is managed by airport safeguarding teams who ensure the safety of aircraft using their airports. Generally the risk depends on proximity to the airport as well as the height of the crane. The safeguarding process is…

  • Telecoms
    5G strength and interference

    5G Strength and Interference

    Background 5G will be the future of mobile internet connectivity and it will enable faster data transfer, shorter response time and flexible network architecture.  However,…

  • Aviation
    VTOL aircraft

    Will VTOLs Take Off?

    Introduction In almost every futuristic Sci-Fi film ever made there are humanoid robots, funky clothing or; most of all – flying cars. While artificial intelligence seems to be becoming a reality and Mike Watson having the funky clothing covered, flying cars still seem like they’re still stuck in a galaxy…

  • Company News
    Company News

    Pager Power and Brexit

    Background Brexit is in the news and no-one can be certain of the final outcome at this time. We would like to take this opportunity to explain how we plan to continue to support our customers in the European Union, United Kingdom as well as the rest of the world.…

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    Jet Blast and Wake Turbulence mitigation

    Don’t get Blown Away – Jet Blast and Wake Turbulence

    Background Aircraft cause powerful movements in the air around them which can damage buildings and structures in the vicinity of airports and airbases. Wake turbulence is caused by aircraft wings and can dislodge roof tiles. Jet blast is caused by aircraft engines and can damage aircraft and buildings. Developments on…

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Why do I need to engage with Stakeholders? This article shows why stakeholder and government communication is key!

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Great news for Solar in Ireland!

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