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  • Renewables

    New Zealand: Fast-Track to Net Zero

    Since the construction of the first hydroelectric power plant in the southern hemisphere, in 1885, New Zealand has become one of the world leaders in Renewable Energy . Approximately 84% of the country’s electricity comes from renewable energy sources and they plan to be using 100% by 2035 as well…

  • Wind Farms
    canary wharf wind farm
    Wind Farms

    Canary Wharf to be Powered by Scottish Wind Farm

    Canary Wharf, the central business district and home to hundreds of office and retail spaces in east London, has struck a deal with one of the world’s biggest providers of renewable energy, and will soon be powered by a wind farm 450 miles away. Figure 1: Canary Wharf. The…

  • Company News
    new technical analyst
    Company News

    New Technical Analyst Joins Pager Power

    We are very pleased to welcome Jacob Cunningham to the growing Pager Power technical team; Jacob joined us on the 13th March, and has been enjoying his first few months with us. He recently finished studying for a degree in Economics at the University of Bath and has joined the…

  • Climate Change
    New York Climate Victory
    Climate Change

    ‘Historic’ Climate Victory for New York

    The state of New York has passed legislation that will boost the state’s output of renewable energy and is a significant step towards the public ownership of utilities. The legislation, which is part of the state’s new budget, calls for the public power company to produce 100% of its electricity…

  • Climate Change
    best diet for supporting biodiversity
    Climate Change

    The Best Diet for Supporting Biodiversity and Food Security

    Following on from a previous article that explored the eat local myth, this article will be exploring the best diet for supporting biodiversity and food security. It is important that we enjoy the food we eat, whilst also making changes to our diet that can make a positive impact…

  • Renewables

    REGOs a no-go for OVO

    Pager Power previously wrote an article about companies exaggerating renewable energy claims using Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) as evidence of the use of renewable energy sources. It was concluded that the use of these certificates could mislead customers to believe that a company is using more renewable energy than it…

  • Renewables
    saudi arabia renewable energy

    Saudi Arabia: Future Renewable Energy King of the World?

    If I were to ask you ‘What do you know about Saudi Arabia?’, the response may typically be something like: ‘Oil’ or ‘Mecca’. The last thing you would likely think of is Saudi Arabia being a leader in renewable energy. Saudi Arabia is the 2nd largest producer of Oil ,…

  • Solar

    The First Photovoltaic Cell

    To understand how the first photovoltaic cell was created, we must first understand the basics of how they work. Here is a very brief overview of the basic principles. For a current to be produced, there must be a difference between positive and negative charges within a substance, this difference…

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    At a key government auction, held on Friday 8th September 2023, the UK’s future offshore wind plans came to a halt. Is this goodbye to new British offshore wind developments? Learn more:

    #offshore #offshorewind #offshorewinddevelopments

    Earlier this month, the UK Government announced a change to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) with the intention of easing planning restrictions on onshore wind farms in England. Learn more:
    #onshore #onshorewind #onshorewindfarms

    As part of Portsmouth International Port's CO2 reduction plans, three berths will allow docked ships to connect directly to the national grid. Learn more:

    #shippingindustry #greenhousegasreduction #CO2reduction

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