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  • Aviation
    wind farms and airports

    Wind Farms and Airports Co-Exist

    Background Pager Power has started analysing a database of the world’s airports with a database of the world’s wind farms to help understand how wind farms and radar co-exist in practice. This article presents some findings from the initial analysis. Figure 1 Lillgrund Offshore Wind Farm which lies 11km offshore…

  • Renewables
    coronavirus cuts carbon emissions

    Coronavirus Cuts Carbon Emissions – Is it Temporary?

    Background As people travel less and workplaces shutdown the world is consuming less energy and emitting less CO2. Furthermore the international aviation sector will be limiting its future emissions with reference to a 2020 baseline. In this article we consider whether the Coronavirus pandemic will have a lasting positive impact…

  • Radar
    common radar mitigation solutions

    Common Radar Mitigation Solutions

    Background Wind turbines and large buildings can have an adverse impact on radar systems. This article examines the some of the more common mitigation solutions for reducing or eliminating these impacts. Why do buildings and turbines cause interference? Radar is designed to detect aircraft, shipping and weather. It works by…

  • Company News
    new technical analyst
    Company News

    New Technical Analyst Joins Pager Power

    Aaron Williams is due to join our growing team in Sudbury on Monday 30 March. After initial training he will start undertaking assessments reporting to Danny Scrivener and being ably assisted by the rest of the technical team. His initial work is likely to involve undertaking analysis for Solar Glint…

  • Aviation
    carbon free aviation

    Carbon Free Aviation Update

    Background Britain is committed to eliminate its carbon emissions by 2050. Emissions from the aviation sector are generally rising whilst emissions from other sectors are falling. Although aircraft are getting more efficient this is offset by the fact that people are flying more. In this article we examine the practical…

  • Company News
    business as usual at pager power
    Company News

    It’s Business As Usual At Pager Power

    In light of the evolving Coronavirus crisis, we wanted to take the time to reassure you that it’s business as usual here at Pager Power. With the continued spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), our highest priority is in protecting the health and wellbeing of employees and customers. We have a robust…

  • Aviation
    air defence mitigation
    AviationWind Farm MitigationWind Farm Radar Interference

    Air Defence Mitigation – Competition Time!

    Background The UK Ministry of Defence is concerned that the proliferation of wind turbines in the North Sea is diminishing the capabilities of its air defence radar stations along Britain’s east coast. Whilst there are various solutions for mitigating some of the wind farms’ effects it has been determined that…

  • Wind Farms
    green light for UK onshore wind
    Wind Farms

    Government Green Light for UK Onshore Wind

    Background After an effective moratorium of four years the government re-opens the door to onshore wind by allowing onshore wind to compete in Contract For Difference (CFD) auctions which provide enhanced payments for renewable electricity generation. History Prime Minister Cameron’s withdrawal of support back in 2016 led to a virtual…

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Pager Power has started analysing a database of the world’s #airports with a database of the world’s #windfarms to help understand how wind farms and #radar co-exist in practice. This article presents some initial findings. Learn more: https://bit.ly/2wQtU4h

Today marks the official closure of our last coal-fired power station, the iconic Fiddler’s Ferry in Warrington, Cheshire. The closure of the station, which became fully operational in 1973, was announced by SSE in June 2019.

Thor Offshore Wind Farm is almost at tendering stage.....@OffshoreWINDbiz

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