NATS safeguarding – overcoming radar objections via technical mitigation

April 26, 2018

Overview Building developments and wind turbines in the vicinity of NATS’ radar infrastructure can receive an objection where a technical and operational impact is expected. Whilst UK wind development has slowed in recent years, the development of large buildings continues, and these can also...… Read more

Solar glare modelling – (life after SGHAT)

April 25, 2018

Requirements for glare intensity modelling Glare intensity modelling is a common planning requirement for solar photovoltaic developments. Increasingly, it is becoming a requirement for other development types as well, for example shiny buildings or even outdoor statues. The starting point for...… Read more

Controlling risk of death with airport Public Safety Zones

April 20, 2018

Background In the United Kingdom Public Safety Zones (PSZs) are established at the end of airport runways to limit the likelihood of members of the public on the ground dying as a result of air accidents. What is the risk? There is always a risk - which is extremely small when compared with the...… Read more

Radar Interference

April 12, 2018

In this article we consider forms of radar interference; causes; mitigation options and management for various types of radar. Radar Interference Principles Radars transmit and receive radio signals – analysing the received signal to determine the position of targets of interest – such as...… Read more

Ten record breaking and trend setting solar farms you may not know about

March 20, 2018

Overview We have worked on a large number of solar developments situated all over the world. It is always interesting to discover record setters, planning successes and impressively designed solar developments which set them apart from the rest. The following article presents a list of 10...… Read more

Wind Turbine Shadow Flicker

March 14, 2018

Overview Wind Turbine Shadow Flicker can affect residents living nearby. Shadow Flicker can be experienced as flashing effect that occurs as wind turbine blades cause intermittent shadow effects as they rotate. Pager Power can assess times and dates that wind turbine shadow flicker is predicted...… Read more

Solar Panel Glare

March 6, 2018

Overview Solar Panel Glare occurs even though it is not expected because solar panels are designed to absorb sunlight, rather than reflect it. Solar Panel Glare is greater than expected because panels are good at absorbing light perpendicular to them but much less effective when the light is at a...… Read more

BREEAM Assessments

March 5, 2018

Overview The BREEAM standard is used to rate buildings for energy efficiency, comfort and other environmental metrics. Buildings receive credits which are awarded by BREEAM assessors. Buildings with high BREEAM ratings have higher rental and sales values so it is in building developers’ best...… Read more

NATS Consultation

March 5, 2018

Overview NATS can object to planning applications for tall buildings, wind farms and other developments. NATS consultation can help developers avoid NATS objections to local planning authorities when applying for planning permission. Pager Power can help developers avoid objections through early...… Read more

Wind Turbine Radar Appeal – Belfast

February 28, 2018

Overview Pager Power has advised the farmer developing the Quarry Hill wind turbine regarding an appeal to remove a radar planning condition. Pager Power advised that there was a small chance of successfully appealing this condition. At the hearing, in Belfast, Pager Power argued that the impact of...… Read more

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