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  • Renewables
    Renewables second largest source of electricity in US

    Renewables to Become the Second Largest Source of Electricity in the US

    Over the last few years, the US has had an increment in the share of electricity generated by renewable energy resources, from circa 10.6% in 2010 to 19.5% in 2020. This increment is mainly driven by the installation of new wind and solar development which have seen an increase from…

  • Wind Farms
    Wind Farms

    Refresher Course in Wind Farms and Point-to-Point Telecoms Issues – Part 2 – Interference Mechanisms

    Back in July, we posted Part 1 of our refresher course in dealing with wind farm and point-to-point telecommunications issues, which is available here. The article focused on point-to-point communications infrastructure, the assessment process and mitigation process. This article focuses on the interference mechanisms for the point-to-point links associated with…

  • Glint and Glare
    South Africa Glint Glare
    Glint and Glare

    South African CAA updates South Africa Glint and Glare Guidance

    The South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) has issued an update to the list of circumstances in which a Glint and Glare assessment must be carried out for proposed solar developments. In particular, the SACAA states that glint and glare assessments are required when the solar development is situated in…

  • Climate Change
    sand solution
    Climate Change

    The Sand Solution

    One of the many challenges in providing a reliable power supply from renewable energy is dealing with the change in seasons and weather conditions. The solution? Sand.  Figure 1: Sand. Sand Batteries Polar Night Energy’s patented technology and Vatanjkoksi have built the world’s first operation sand battery . The battery…

  • Climate Change
    energy generation methods costs
    Climate Change

    The Cost of Electricity Generation Methods

    Over the past months, the UK and the world have seen the onset of a cost-of-living crisis. This has largely been caused by the rapid rise of energy bills, due to the worldwide increase in wholesale gas and oil prices. This has led to many people looking ever more closely…

  • Solar
    solar panel pavements

    Solar Panel Pavements

    The share of renewable energy used to generate electricity from solar power, globally, increased from 1.09% to 3.27% between 2015 and 2021 . It comes as no surprise that companies want to capitalise on this and develop more methods of renewable energy to adapt to this increase. In 2015, the…

  • Company News
    technical analyst
    Company News

    New Technical Analyst Joins Pager Power

    We are very pleased to welcome James Plumb to the growing Pager Power technical team; James joined us on the 10th of October. He recently finished studying for a degree in Law at the University of Kent and has joined the company as a Technical Analyst. As well as studying…

  • Climate Change
    energy charter treaty
    Climate Change

    Energy Charter Treaty

    Ever wondered why governments seem so reluctant and slow to implement environmental and climate policies?  The reasons will of course be multifarious, but have you heard of the Energy Charter Treaty?  What is the Energy Charter Treaty? You don’t hear about it in the mainstream media – I will leave…

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