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  • Climate Change
    green spine
    Climate Change

    The Green Spine

    Dubai has revealed plans to produce ‘the world’s greenest highway’. The ‘Dubai Green Spine’ will transform Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road into a sustainable corridor, 64km in length. Figure 1: Palm trees beside paved road. URB, a Dubai-based urban planning and development firm, recently unveiled the ambitious project to…

  • Climate Change
    sustainable olympics
    Climate Change

    Competing for a Sustainable Olympics

    The Paris 2024 Summer Olympics and Paralympics organisers pledge that the competition will set a higher standard for sustainability. The organisers are conscious of the vast extent of their sustainability targets, given the 800 Olympic sporting events, 15,000 athletes, 45,000 volunteers, and 13 million meals supplied . They call these…

  • Aviation

    The Pathway to Becoming a Pilot: Part 1

    Becoming a pilot is an exciting and rewarding journey that involves a series of training and a commitment to continuous learning. Whether your goal is to fly commercially, for recreation, or roles such as aerial firefighting or medical transport, the path to the cockpit requires dedication, discipline, and passion for…

  • Renewables
    energy communities

    Public-Private Partnerships and Energy Communities: Investing in People and Renewables

    Rising energy costs and the need to switch to clean energy are increasingly becoming a concern for the general public. Energy communities are legal entities that empower local people and businesses to produce, manage and consume their own energy , helping their countries to achieve their 2030 to 2050 energy…

  • Climate Change
    eco end of life
    Climate Change

    Eco-Friendly End-of-life

    There will come a time in everyone’s lives when we must start to think about what we would like to happen when we come to the end of our life. The options are often discussed with loved ones and our wishes for after we pass are usually written into a…

  • Company News
    growth business awards
    Company News

    Pager Power ‘Employer of the Year’ Finalists in the EADT Business Awards

    Pager Power entered the East Anglian Daily Times (EADT) Business Awards competition back in January this year. As reported earlier this month, we have been successful in making the final four companies within the ‘Growth Business of the Year’ category, and we are now delighted to announce that we have…

  • Solar
    Electromagnetic fields from solar farms

    Electromagnetic Fields From Solar Farms

    The development of renewable energy and the ageing of existing electricity infrastructure means that new high voltage overhead lines, underground cables, and other electrical infrastructure is being planned and developed throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Solar developers should be conscious of the concerns that can arise during…

  • Radar
    french military radar

    French Military Radar Impact Assessments

    In this article, we take a look at the repealed assessment criteria set out by the French Military to determine the viability of a wind farm with respect to the potential impact upon military radar infrastructure in France. We also compare it to Pager Power’s recommended methodology for the assessment…

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    We review how energy communities are on the rise and enabling local people and businesses to produce, manage and consume their own energy, helping their countries to achieve their 2030 to 2050 energy targets. Learn more:

    Former First Officer, Ricky Tso, suggests activities that enable people can undertake as a first step to assess their enthusiasm for aviation without committing to a career. Learn more:

    We review the potential for effects from electromagnetic emissions from solar farms and the UK guidance for public exposure. Learn more:
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