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  • Construction
    building planning issues glint and glare
    ConstructionGlint and Glare

    Planning Issues for Buildings – Glint and Glare

    Shiny buildings Glass façades on building developments are a common sight all over the world, particularly in cities. Whilst this is aesthetically popular, it can introduce planning hurdles around glint and glare i.e. the reflection of sunlight by a building causing a safety hazard or a nuisance. A related, but…

  • Aviation
    planning issues for buildings aviation collision risk

    Planning Issues for Buildings – Aircraft Collision Risk

    Developing near airports It is very common for building developments to be proposed in the vicinity of airports. This is not least because large cities always need more space for people and always benefit from air travel links to other large cities. Figure 1: The Shard – the tallest building…

  • Construction
    planning issues for buildings radar interference

    Planning Issues for Buildings – Radar Interference

    Developing buildings Building developments face a myriad of hurdles between their inception and their construction. Issues that are difficult to resolve, or those that come up unexpectedly, can cost time, money and even threaten a project from being realised. Worse still are cases when a real problem arises after construction,…

  • Solar
    floating solar islands

    Floating solar islands in the Netherlands

    Background All EU countries have committed to reduce CO2 emission. The strategy requires countries to fulfil at least 20% of its total energy needs with renewables by 2020.  The latest data show that the share of renewable energy in the EU was circa 18% in 2018. However whilst some states…

  • Solar
    uk solar industry
    SolarUK Solar

    What does the UK solar industry look like heading into 2020?

    Overview Pager Power has lived through the rises and falls of both the wind and solar industry over the last decade. Therefore, as we enter 2020, it is worth investigating and understanding the outlook for UK renewables and how the shape of the UK renewable industry will change over the…

  • Renewables
    british carbon emissions

    How bad are British carbon emissions?

    A dirty start to 2020 The Guardian has reported that in just the first two weeks of 2020, the average Briton will have emitted more carbon dioxide than the average person from multiple African countries including Madagascar, Ethiopia and Uganda will emit over the entire year.  Britain has, however, made…

  • Renewables
    are the australian bushfires caused by climate change

    Are the Australian Bushfires caused by Climate Change?

    Background Successive Australian governments have been accused of dismissing climate change whilst their election campaigns have been funded by the coal industry. The current prime minister,  Scott John Morrison, has infuriated Australians through his poor response to the Australian bushfire crisis. We consider whether the bushfires are the result of…

  • Renewables
    UK energy success

    UK Energy Success in 2019

    The UK National Grid has announced that for the first time ever, over the 12-month period of 2019, the UK produced more electricity through carbon free sources than through fossil fuels.  The data released by the UK National Grid shows that 48.5% of the energy produced throughout the year came…

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