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  • Renewables
    renewable wave technology

    A Tsunami of Funding to Improve Renewable Wave Technology

    Background Several UK universities will be taking part in new projects, which will focus on developing and testing new wave energy technologies. The projects are set out to overcome challenges that impact devices that capture the energy generated by waves, with the objective of converting it into a source of…

  • Climate Change
    Green Wood Burner
    Climate Change

    How to be a Green Wood Burner

    Why Wood Burning may be Sustainable Trees consume carbon dioxide from the atmosphere when they grow. They release it back to the atmosphere if they die and decompose. Burning wood provides heat and carbon dioxide emissions – but the wood would emit CO2 eventually anyway when it decomposed. This means…

  • Uncategorized
    Gen Z sustainability

    Gen Z and the Fight for Sustainability

    Who is Generation Z? Over the past few years, the world and the media has been captivated by Greta Thunberg, a teenage environmental activist on Climate Change. Many were surprised not only by her knowledge and passion but also her age.  Greta belongs to Generation Z, or Gen Z for…

  • Renewables

    Geoengineering – The New Weapon Against Climate Change?

    What is Geoengineering? Geoengineering is the deliberate manipulation of natural systems on a large scale in order to counterbalance negative forms of climate change. Strategies usually fall into one of two categories: Solar Radiation Management – whereby a portion of the Sun’s energy is reflected away into space, reducing temperature…

  • Renewables
    can renewables really power a city

    Can Renewables Really Power an Entire City?

    Introduction In the month that the London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, launched plans to actively support renewable power in London over the next decade and to invest in building new renewable power infrastructure such as wind and solar farms, we review the challenges that powering an entire city using renewable energy…

  • Tall Building Development
    tall buildings in london telecomms policy
    Tall Building Development

    Tall Buildings in London Part 1 – Telecomms Policy

    Overview The latest London policy on tall buildings within the ‘London Plan 2021’ was released earlier in March. With guidance continually changing, we have taken a look over the document with aviation and telecommunications in mind, to identify the key information you need to know when developing tall buildings in…

  • Aviation
    aviation and radar risk

    Aviation and Radar Risk Data for Wind Developers

    Background Pager Power provides a national dataset that helps wind farm developers focus on areas where they are less likely to encounter aviation and radar objections. This news article explains what data is available and how to use it. It also explains the limitations of the data. How Should Developers…

  • Renewables
    female activists

    Female Activists Who Are Saving the Planet

    International Women’s Month In celebration of International Women’s Month, we commemorate the female activists who are saving the planet. Initially instated in 1911, International Women’s Month is now celebrated every March across the US, UK and Australia, with Canada celebrating it every October. The celebration was officially honoured by the…

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    Investment is being made in projects at several UK universities which will focus on developing and testing new renewable wave technologies. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3mPJXF6 #renewableenergy #waveenergy #wavepower #renewables #renewablepower #wavetechnology

    #GoogleEarth, has launched a new feature which lets users wind back the clock and see how the world has changed over decades. You can see how our planet has changed such as the retreat of glaciers or the deforestation of the Amazon over time. Amazing! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-56760060

    Gen Z and their passion for sustainability has been noticed worldwide. With an entire generation’s future at stake, we believe we have only witnessed the beginning of Gen Z’s fight for climate change action. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3mPMwXI #climatechange #sustainability

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