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    airport safeguarding

    Who is responsible for Public Safety Zones?

    Background Statistically aircraft that land outside airports do so close to the airport on take-off or landing. Public Safety Zones (PSZs) are established outside the boundary of major UK airports to protect the public from aircraft collision risk. Responsibility for PSZs lies with local planning authorities, airports and the Civil…

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    Terma Radar Controlled Lighting
    UncategorizedWind Farm MitigationWind Farm Radar Interference

    Terma Radar Controlled Lighting

    Background Terma are perhaps best known for providing in-fill radar for mitigating the effects of wind turbines on radar systems. The increase in the height of onshore turbines in excess of 150 metres means that the lighting of turbines becomes mandatory in the United Kingdom and other countries. This can…

  • Wind Farm Radar Interference
    Wind Turbine Radar Interference
    Wind Farm Radar Interference

    Wind Turbine Radar Interference in the United States

    Background The US Department of Energy published its “Federal Interagency Wind Turbine Radar Interference Mitigation Strategy” in January 2016. Having recognised that wind farms can adversely affect radar and seeing the need for a continued growth of onshore and offshore wind the strategy was developed to enable the growth of…

  • Radar
    Mitigating Radar Impacts using Radar Absorbent Materials (RAM)

    Mitigating Radar Impacts using Radar Absorbent Materials (RAM)

    Background Radar operators around the world object to the development of buildings and structures due to their potential impact on radar. Radar works by transmitting radio signals which are then reflected back from targets of interest. Radar absorbing materials applied to a structure can significantly reduce the amount of energy…

  • Solar
    Commercial Concentrator Photo Voltaic

    Commercial Concentrator Photo Voltaic (CPV)

    Background Panels implementing silicon-based solar cells currently dominate the PV market. Their module efficiency is circa 17-19% and cost around $1 (between £1.70 to £1.10 in the UK come at higher cost ($300 per watt), and such…

  • Drones/ UAVs
    UK Airport Drone Rules
    Drones/ UAVs

    New UK Airport Drone Rules Introduced

    Background Following the recent closure of Gatwick Airport, which cost airlines over £50 million, the UK government introduced new rules to restrict flights near airports on 13 March 2019. Gatwick Closure Gatwick Airport was closed due to the reported sighting of unknown drones at the airport. The airport was closed…

  • Solar
    floating solar panels

    Floating Solar Panels

    Background Commonly, for large scale solar PV plants, a vast amount of land is used. However, in places where there is scarcity of available land, solar PV developers have started building medium and large-scale plants on water surfaces. This is the case for Japan, which hosts 73 of the world’s…

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    Australian Wind and Solar forced Shutdowns

    Australian Wind and Solar Forced Shutdowns

    Background The Australian electricity grid is being upgraded so that it has increased capacity and more connected renewable energy. Grid outages are planned to achieve this which will mean switching sections of the grid off. This in turn means that a large number of wind and solar farms will be…

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