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  • Solar
    onshore wind and solar
    SolarWind Farms

    Onshore Wind and Solar Regain Access to CfDs

    Background Onshore wind and solar energy lost access to the Contract for Difference (CfD) scheme in 2017 despite generating electricity at low cost. This move, together with stricter planning regulations, has halted the deployment of new wind capacity in England (see our previous article Exclusion of onshore wind energy from…

  • Offshore Wind
    offshore wind
    Offshore Wind

    New Advancements in Offshore Wind Energy

    Background The offshore wind sector has made significant improvements in the last three decades.  The first offshore pilot project was located south of the Danish coast and had a total capacity of 4.95MW. Vindeby offshore project was installed in 1991 implementing 11 Bonus 450kW turbines.  Nowadays the projects are of…

  • Solar
    solar panel efficiency

    Solar Panel Efficiency Hits New Records

    Background Solar panels are becoming more powerful and efficient by the day. In 1955, Hoffman Electronics-Semiconductor Division introduced photovoltaic products with a 2% efficiency. Nowadays the efficiency of a solar panel is in the range of 15% to 22%, depending on factors like placement, orientation, weather conditions, and similar; and…

  • Solar
    USA's biggest solar farm

    USA’s Biggest Solar Farm Consented

    Overview In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, the USA’s biggest solar photovoltaic (PV) development has gained planning consent from the Trump administration. The solar development is to be located 30 miles north east of Las Vegas in the state of the Nevada. Its development is expected to cost in…

  • Aviation
    history of flight

    The History Of Flight ( Part 1 The Early Years )

    By S.C.Watson (Mike’s brother) Ever since mankind dragged their collective backsides out of the primordial soup and gazed up at the sky, the dream of someday flying through the air has endured. It probably occurred first when one of our ancient ancestors regarded some majestic bird passing overhead, its great…

  • Solar
    Bi-Facial Solar Panels

    Bi-Facial Solar Panels: Technology Overview

    Overview Bi-facial solar photovoltaic (PV) panels have been around for many years however they are only now beginning to enter the mainstream market as a commercially viable alternative to the more common monofacial solar panels. We therefore thought it would be a good idea to explore the technology further and…

  • Construction
    borderline planning issues
    ConstructionTall Building DevelopmentWind Farms

    The Importance of Leading the Dance on Planning Issues

    Borderline Planning Issues Developers have a lot of balls to juggle when it comes to submitting a planning application, particularly for large or complex schemes such as high-rise buildings or renewable energy developments. In countries the world over, it is necessary to demonstrate that adverse impacts have been dutifully considered…

  • Uncategorized
    coronavirus and 5g

    Coronavirus and 5G Update

    Background Following on from our previous article where we showed that the rumour that Coronavirus can’t be true we examine how the rumour grew, how it spread and what the consequences of the rumour spreading have been. Figure 1 Telecommunications Masts in southern Spain Ingredients of a Rumour Rumours can…

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The US Federal Aviation Administration has issued an authorisation to Amazon to allow it to operate UAVs for delivering packages to customers. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3ciwZKM #drones #uavs #dronedelivery #amazonair #primeair

The Climate Action 100+ organisation is driving down worldwide greenhouse gas emissions by getting the world’s largest polluters to reduce their emissions. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3kneKGM #climateaction #climatechange #carbonemissions #carbonreduction #co2emissions

1st Floating Solar Power Plant in Belgium - at the cost of €2 million. Article credit @cleantechnica

#solarpower #solarfarm #solarenergy #greenenergy #renewableenergy


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