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  • Renewables
    energy storage

    Back to Basics, Part 4: Energy Storage

    This month in our Back to Basics series, we uncover the ways in which energy generated by wind and solar farms can be stored and how this technology will shape the future of our energy systems. How is energy stored?  ‘Applications are becoming more diverse and widespread geographically with the…

  • Solar
    cosmic megastructures solar energy

    Cosmic Megastructures: Dyson Sphere and Future of Solar Energy

    Solar energy, which is widely abundant and renewable, has become a hopeful substitute for fossil fuels in meeting the world’s energy demands. Harnessing solar power efficiently is limited by issues such as unreliable weather conditions, intermittent availability due to daylight hours, and a shortage of adequate land . Dyson Sphere…

  • Climate Change
    media for change
    Climate Change

    Media for Change, Part 1: TV Series Encouraging Environmental Awareness

    Media for Change is a series of articles that will explore mass media that encourages environmental discourse and positive action. Environmental degradation and the climate crisis are major global issues that have an impact on societies, economies, and ecosystems worldwide. Television series have developed into effective forums for examining, comprehending, and addressing these…

  • Aviation
    pilot safety

    Balancing Solar Energy Generation and Pilot Safety at Airports

    Aviation is a significant producer of greenhouse gas emissions, generating approximately 3.5% of total emissions in 2020, and has been steadily increasing over time . As such, airports are seeking ways to make air travel greener. In a recent article we explored the opportunities to produce zero-emission aircraft, but another…

  • Aviation

    Energy NPS Series, Part 2: EN-1

    The first National Policy Statement (NPS) covered in this series is naturally the Overarching National Policy Statement for Energy (EN-1). In this article, we will provide a general overview of EN-1 and outline the civil and military aviation and defence interests we consider when assessing Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs).…

  • Climate Change
    paper bottles
    Climate Change

    Absolut-ely Amazing Paper Bottles

    For decades now, we have bought many liquids in glass bottles: Milk,  Gin,  Beer,  Vodka,  Perfumes,  Coca-Cola,  Sauces such as Ketchup,  Spreads such as jam,  Vinegar, Sparkling water.  Some of the companies that produce these items have since moved over to plastic bottles, or cans, but the question is, what…

  • Wind Farms
    baltics wind power
    Wind Farms

    Baltic State Series, Part 6: Challenges for Wind Power in the Baltic States

    In this sixth article of our series, we will look at the challenges facing the Baltic States, as they look to realise the potential of wind power in this region. As explored in Part 5 of this series, the Baltic States have a combined installed wind power capacity of just…

  • Company News
    Vijayatha Vijayaraghavan
    Company News

    Vijayatha Vijayaraghavan Joins the Team!

    Earlier this month, Vijayatha Vijayaraghavan joined Pager Power’s growing technical team as a Technical Analyst. Vijayatha has a heavily physics-based background having studied Integrated MSc Physics at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham in India, and MSc Astrophysics at Cardiff University. Vijayatha demonstrated skills in conveying complex issues to a wide range of…

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    Last month’s Back to Basics article considered the chronological development of modern solar power, and now, we dip into the history of another major renewable energy source – electricity generated by wind. Learn more:
    #windpower #windenergy #windfarms

    Could a Zephyr be the telecoms mast of the future?
    Zephyr is an aircraft, that could one day carry the equipment required to manage telecommunications signals. Learn more:
    #telecommunications #telecoms #telecomsmast #airbus #zephyr

    This article, the second in our Media for Change series, explores the power of FILM to ignite environmental passion. Highlighting that engaging with compelling media can shape our perspectives and inspire action. Learn more:
    #environment #mediaforchange

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