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  • Solar
    agrivoltaic europe

    Agrivoltaic In Europe

    Agrivoltaics is the practice of using the same area of land for both solar photovoltaic power as well as for agriculture, which implies that solar panels and crops will share sunlight. This was discussed in our previous article: “Agrivoltaics: Combining Agriculture With Solar Power”. Figure 1: Agrivoltaic systems with fixed…

  • Climate Change
    electric car revolution
    Climate Change

    The Electric Car Revolution: Was the Charging Question Just an After-Port?

    Scientific research on climate change is conclusive that human action has influenced global warming and extreme weather events, “It is unequivocal that human influence has warmed the atmosphere, ocean and land. Widespread and rapid changes in the atmosphere, ocean, cryosphere and biosphere have occurred.” – IPCC report on climate change…

  • Wind Farms
    World’s Largest Wind Turbine Turned On
    Wind Farms

    The World’s Largest Wind Turbine Is Turned On

    China has, in recent years, been smashing wind and solar power targets, and in a recent announcement, the world’s largest wind turbine has now been turned on in China. China has a history of breaking wind turbine records, and therefore, it is not surprising that China leads the way in…

  • Uncategorized
    glint and glare local roads

    Why are Glint and Glare Effects Towards Local Roads Considered a Low Impact?

    Introduction The first stage of assessing the potential impact of glint and glare towards surrounding road users involves undertaking an initial review of the available imagery to determine the specific roads to be taken forward for geometric modelling. Local roads are not typically taken forward for geometric modelling because the…

  • Uncategorized
    guilt free chocolate

    Did I Hear You Say Guilt Free Chocolate?

    Let me introduce you to the idea of guilt free chocolate, and no, I’m not talking about calorie free chocolate. I am talking about removing the carbon footprint of most chocolate currently available.  Fairtrade/Rainforest Alliance When consuming items such as chocolate, or coffee, we tend to gravitate towards products that…

  • Renewables
    renewable railways

    Renewable Railways

    Greener transport options have been at the forefront of discussions around reducing emissions for a long time. Transport reportedly for example).…

  • Uncategorized
    gardening climate change

    Gardening & Climate Change

    Many gardeners and wildlife enthusiasts have probably noticed the impacts of climate change on their garden habitats. Whether the term gardening is just a few pots and herbs on the windowsill or growing your own fruit and vegetables on an allotment or in containers, gardening is one of the most…

  • Solar
    solar express

    The Solar Express

    It has been recently announced that California’s long-awaited high-speed train will be solar powered. The Californian High Speed Rail Authority announced last month that the train will be entirely powered by renewable energy in order to align with environmentally friendly transport initiatives. Background The project was approved back in…

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    Eco-innovators are continually developing new methods of bringing green energy into our homes. The latest development has come from New World Wind, pioneer of the ‘Aeroleaf’ technology. Learn more:

    #windtrees #windturbines #windenergy #ecoinnovation

    Jaguar and Land Rover have added a new process to the life cycle of their I-PACE batteries; utilising them for battery energy storage systems. Learn more:

    On September 25 2023, Octopus Energy unveiled an innovative wind tariff designed to provide residents living close to offshore wind farms with the advantages of more affordable sustainable energy. Learn more:

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