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  • Solar
    ireland solar development
    SolarUK Solar

    Operational Commercial Solar to Become a Reality in Ireland

    Background Ireland’s first round of large-scale ground mounted commercial solar photovoltaic (PV) developments will now begin construction. For many years developers have been making their way through the planning process and gaining planning approval to then have to halt any construction plans. The wait has been due to the ongoing…

  • Renewables
    Make America Green Again

    Make America Green Again?

    Renewable energy in USA politics The Trump administration has been infamously unhelpful when it comes to climate change and renewable energy – most notably marked by the USA’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, announced in 2017. In addition, campaign slogans promoting coal and questionable statements, (which a less cautious author…

  • Solar
    glint and glare guidance third edition

    Glint and Glare Guidance (Third Edition) – Coming November 2020

    Overview The third edition of Pager Power’s glint and glare guidance will be released in November 2020. The guidance document has been well received since its first edition back in 2017, and we are continually seeking to refine and improve the methodology so that stakeholders’ concerns are understood and assessed…

  • Solar
    floating photovoltaic

    The UK’s Floating Photovoltaic (FPV) Potential

    Introduction  The cumulative capacity of worldwide floating photovoltaic (FPV) projects is currently 2600 MW, representing just 0.41% of the total cumulative capacity of all worldwide solar projects. However, momentum is building around FPVs due to the many benefits over their land-based counter parts – including those outlined in our Floating Solar…

  • Aviation
    type a surface

    Obstacles near Airports – Type A Surfaces

    Background  Developers of buildings, chimneys, masts and wind turbines want to know that these developments will not pose a collision risk to aircraft in the vicinity of aerodromes. The standard way of achieving this is with Obstacle Limitation Surfaces (OLS). These imaginary surfaces surround the aerodrome and, generally, developments entirely…

  • Aviation
    CO2 Aviation Emissions Reduction

    The State Action Plan on CO2 Aviation Emissions Reduction

    Background  The State Action Plan on CO2 Aviation Emissions Reduction was launched in 2010 by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). Its aim was to encourage all ICAO Member States to establish a long-term strategy on climate change for the international aviation sector, with the involvement of all interested parties…

  • Wind Farms
    wind power
    Wind Farms

    Can the UK become the ‘Saudi Arabia of wind power’?

    Background  During a discussion at the UN in New York, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said that the UK held “extraordinary potential” for wind energy and could become the ‘Saudi Arabia of wind power’.  In 2019 the UK ranked 6th globally for installed wind capacity of 20.7GW and had six…

  • Wind Farms
    Boris Johnson's 2030 Wind Farms Investment
    Wind Farms

    Boris Johnson’s 2030 Wind Farms Investment

    The pledge made by the PM Boris Johnson has announced during a virtual Conservative Party conference his pledge to invest £160 million ($207.46 million) in offshore wind farms, to generate enough electricity to power every home in the UK by 2030.  Figure 1: Offshore wind farm in Irish Sea. The…

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    Ice storms and bitter temperatures resulted in electricity blackouts for days in the state of Texas. Social media and TV have circulated claims that the state’s use of wind energy is to blame for the #blackouts. Were the blackouts caused by #renewables? https://bit.ly/3kpSD3K

    Solar panels in space offer the possibility of accessing sunlight at all times of day, unaffected by climate. Does a giant solar farm in space sound absurd to you? We look at the facts and how it might work. https://bit.ly/3kj5kxf #solarpanels #solarenergy #solarpv #space

    2020 - The Year of the Renewables. In 2020, the combined renewable output for energy production in Britain beat that of its fossil fuel counterpart. Learn more: https://bit.ly/2NSYsut #renewableenergy #renewables #renewablepower #windpower #solarpower #solarenergy #windenergy

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