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  • Renewables

    What does Tory landslide mean for Renewable Energy?

    Background Boris Johnson’s conservative party won an outstanding majority in yesterday’s general election forcing Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party into a distant second place. At the time of writing the Conservatives had won 363 seats and Labour had won just 203. In an earlier article we compared the renewable energy policies…

  • Uncategorized

    ‘Hazards on’ for Airports and Car Park Glare

    Overview Safeguarding an airport has many facets. For aerodrome safeguarding, it is common to assess and manage, where possible, the use of drones, new and existing habitats and the heights of surrounding development to name just a few. A safeguarding officer will have to manage both external planning applications as…

  • Aviation
    Heathrow Third Runway

    Heathrow Third Runway Costs Reined In

    Background The planned new third runway at Heathrow is set to cost around £18 billion. This will be funded by airlines using Heathrow who are concerned about having to fund a spiralling bill. The airport’s regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority, has imposed a new condition on Heathrow’s licence to ensure…

  • Aviation

    Carbon Offsetting for All Easyjet Flights

    Background Easyjet is offsetting carbon dioxide emissions from all of its flights by planting trees and funding solar PV generation schemes in India. We consider the extent to which this will benefit the environment and how Easyjet’s environmental performance compares with other airlines. Is offsetting the answer? Offsetting will involve…

  • Aviation
    green aviation

    Flocking Green Aviation

    Introduction By flying in formation migrating birds fly more efficiently and expend less energy. Experiments with commercial aircraft have demonstrated that formation flying can reduce fuel consumption by around 10%. We consider some of the practical challenges airlines face before the cost and environmental benefits of formation flying can be…

  • Construction
    london's greenest building
    ConstructionTall Building Development

    London’s Greenest Building

    Background Fuel and Power for commercial buildings accounts for 6.3% of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions. We examined the world’s greenest buildings and thought we would showcase one judged to be greenest. The building is Bloomberg’s European HQ in London which was designed by Norman Foster. Figure 1 Bloomberg’s European HQ…

  • Renewables
    carbon taxes

    Time for Carbon Tax?

    Background Governments tax things that are bad for us. This reduces the amount we do bad things and gives money to the government to do good things. Classic examples are taxes on cigarettes and vodka as well as London’s congestion charge. To my mind taxing carbon emissions has always seemed…

  • Energy Policy
    Energy PolicyRenewables

    Election 2019 – Renewable Energy Ranking

    Background We review party manifestos to find the strongest renewable energy supporters. We looked at how much each party had to say on renewable energy; when they plan for zero net carbon emissions and specific policies for renewables, wind and solar. We then ranked them accordingly. Brexit Party – Dismal…

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Pager Power has started analysing a database of the world’s #airports with a database of the world’s #windfarms to help understand how wind farms and #radar co-exist in practice. This article presents some initial findings. Learn more: https://bit.ly/2wQtU4h

Today marks the official closure of our last coal-fired power station, the iconic Fiddler’s Ferry in Warrington, Cheshire. The closure of the station, which became fully operational in 1973, was announced by SSE in June 2019.

Thor Offshore Wind Farm is almost at tendering stage.....@OffshoreWINDbiz

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