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  • Climate Change
    UK climate commitments
    Climate Change

    UK Steps Up Climate Commitments

    Background Last week Boris Johnson announced new climate change commitments for the UK that aim to cut carbon emissions by 78% before 2035. This is 15 years earlier than the 2050 target already in place, putting the UK in a world-leading position. The announcement was made on 20th April, two…

  • Climate Change
    whitest ever paint
    Climate Change

    Whitest-Ever Paint Could Help Tackle Climate Change

    Whitest Ever Paint In recent positive news found on the Guardian website, the whitest ever paint has been produced which could be used to cool buildings. Lowering the temperature of buildings with white paint could potentially reduce the reliance on air conditioning which has been shown to use a tenth…

  • Climate Change
    global green deal
    Climate Change

    Global Green New Deal

    Climate Crisis and the Global Green New Deal In years past, Noam Chomsky, a world-renowned American linguist and political activist, has emphasised that the two greatest existential threats posed to human civilisation, highlighted the lack…

  • Renewables
    renewable wave technology

    A Tsunami of Funding to Improve Renewable Wave Technology

    Background Several UK universities will be taking part in new projects, which will focus on developing and testing new wave energy technologies. The projects are set out to overcome challenges that impact devices that capture the energy generated by waves, with the objective of converting it into a source of…

  • Climate Change
    Green Wood Burner
    Climate Change

    How to be a Green Wood Burner

    Why Wood Burning may be Sustainable Trees consume carbon dioxide from the atmosphere when they grow. They release it back to the atmosphere if they die and decompose. Burning wood provides heat and carbon dioxide emissions – but the wood would emit CO2 eventually anyway when it decomposed. This means…

  • Uncategorized
    Gen Z sustainability

    Gen Z and the Fight for Sustainability

    Who is Generation Z? Over the past few years, the world and the media has been captivated by Greta Thunberg, a teenage environmental activist on Climate Change. Many were surprised not only by her knowledge and passion but also her age.  Greta belongs to Generation Z, or Gen Z for…

  • Renewables

    Geoengineering – The New Weapon Against Climate Change?

    What is Geoengineering? Geoengineering is the deliberate manipulation of natural systems on a large scale in order to counterbalance negative forms of climate change. Strategies usually fall into one of two categories: Solar Radiation Management – whereby a portion of the Sun’s energy is reflected away into space, reducing temperature…

  • Renewables
    can renewables really power a city

    Can Renewables Really Power an Entire City?

    Introduction In the month that the London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, launched plans to actively support renewable power in London over the next decade and to invest in building new renewable power infrastructure such as wind and solar farms, we review the challenges that powering an entire city using renewable energy…

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    France has passed new laws aimed at reducing carbon emissions in the country. The measures are part of France’s wider target of reducing carbon emissions by 40 percent compared to 1990 levels. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3rO5qRc #france #climatecahnge #climatelaw #carbonemissions

    This article considers how #solarpanels might change in the future and focuses in particular on novel shaped solar panels that have been investigated by a group of scientists from an international research group. Learn more: https://bit.ly/2TGknZ5 #solarenergy #solarpower

    The visual circuit is a specified path in which an aircraft flies visually in the airspace around an aerodrome. The following article how the visual circuit it may be assessed within a glint and glare assessment. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3BA24FS #aviation #solarglare

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