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  • Climate Change
    effect of war on the environment
    Climate Change

    Effects of War on the Environment

    The first ever recorded war to be documented was 2500 BC. It was reported and discovered on a Sumerian stone carving. Undoubtably, there would have been conflict and war prior to this, but these predate the ability to write.  A lot of things have an impact on the environment around…

  • Renewables
    gas price rises impact renewable energy us

    Could Gas Price Rises Impact Renewable Energy Production in the US?

    Over the course of the last several months the United States of America (USA), along with the rest of the world has been hit with an increase in gas prices. In terms of the USA specifically, the increase in gas prices due to the following key factors:  High energy costs…

  • Renewables
    Ukraine European Energy Grid

    Ukraine Connected to European Electricity Grid

    On 24th February Ukraine and Moldova disconnected their countries from the Russian electricity network for a planned 72-hour test to see if their electricity networks could operate independently. On the same day  Russia invaded Ukraine. This meant the planned reconnection to the Russian grid did not happen. Since then Russian…

  • Company News
    technical analyst a day in the life
    Company News

    Day In The Life of a Technical Analyst

    On the 15th of February, my colleague Michael and I ventured up to sunny Manchester to complete the first of a three-day survey.  With four terrestrial television baseline surveys to complete between us, we set off early that morning in high spirits. To keep up morale on the long journey…

  • Solar
    solar canals

    The ‘Solar-Canal Solution’

    Innovative solutions are required to solve the ongoing global climate crisis. Year on year rises to the recorded global average temperature has resulted in a higher frequency of droughts. Water is becoming a precious resource for many communities across the globe. In particular, California (USA) is susceptible to droughts causing…

  • Renewables
    Green Hydrogen Texas

    World’s Largest Green Hydrogen Project Unveiled in Texas

    Hydrogen fuel is a type of fuel that can potentially have zero carbon emission, if produced from renewable energy and if consumed in a fuel cell.  Several types of resources can be used to produce hydrogen, such as: natural gas, nuclear power, biomass, and renewable power like solar and wind.…

  • Renewables
    I'm not against renewables

    ‘I Am Not Against Renewables But…’

    As part of Pager Power’s role, we often come across many stakeholder and local resident responses to proposed renewable energy projects. Upon reviewing these, there are usually common concerns that are raised, with an often shared phrase among them – ‘I am not against renewables but…’. The most common concerns…

  • Renewables
    australia clean energy

    Australia: A Clean Energy Superpower

    In 2020, around 24% of the total electricity production in Australia was from renewable energy sources. The main contributors were Solar (9%) Wind (9%) Hydro (6%) . Recently, large-scale solar production has begun rapid expansion across Australia. Large-scale solar production has expanded from insignificant levels before 2016 to 3% of…

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    As of June 15th 2022, UK building developers will be required to ensure EV charging points are installed within the following: New-build homes, new-build workplaces, supermarkets and buildings undergoing major renovations. Learn More: https://bit.ly/3QSlJZv #evcharging

    The United States is in the process of making its electricity supply much greener. Over the next thirty years coal and nuclear stations are to be decommissioned whilst there will be substantial growth in #wind and #solar. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3u7IEX2 #renewables

    A £160m funding programme has been launched by the UK government. The funding will support the UK’s goal of delivering up to 5GW of floating offshore wind capacity in the UK by the end of the decade. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3u9cjij #offshorewind

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