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  • Climate Change
    portsmouth port chargers
    Climate Change

    Portsmouth Port Chargers

    Portsmouth International Port has plans for a huge upgrade which will help improve the air quality, and reduce the emissions of ships operating out of the port. Connecting to National Grid Three berths in the port will allow docked ships to connect directly to the national grid, allowing them to…

  • Company News
    Sustainable Travel Scheme
    Company News

    Pager Power Introduces New Sustainable Travel Scheme for Employees

    Pager Power is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by implementing strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions produced across all of its duties. From monitoring office energy usage, the team were able to discover that office lighting was one of the biggest sources of emissions. On this basis, Pager Power…

  • Climate Change
    tidal energy
    Climate Change

    Tidal Energy Record Win

    With recent news of no new off-shore wind project contracts , the tidal energy sector has recently scored a big win, in what is a record-breaking achievement. Figure 1: Waves.  50MW Following the fifth round of the Contracts for Difference (CfD) scheme, an additional 53MW of tidal energy capacity has…

  • Climate Change
    fixing fast fashion
    Climate Change

    Fixing Fast Fashion: France’s Clothing and Shoe Repairs Bonus

    The French government is reducing waste by compensating people who fix damaged garments.  The new move, starting in October this year, aims to cut down on the 700,000 tonnes of clothes that are thrown away by the French population each year, two-thirds of which end up in landfills . Globally…

  • Solar

    Could Mini-Grids be the Future?

    A mini-grid is made up of several small-scale electricity generators and sometimes energy storage systems combined with a distribution network that provides electricity to a limited number of localised clients and runs independently from the main transmission grid. They could have a few kilowatts’ worth of power or ten megawatts’.…

  • Aviation
    technical fault in NATS system

    Technical Fault in NATS System

    If you are a wind farm or building developer, or someone involved in this process, you may have already heard of NATS (formally known as NATS Holdings Limited). The term originally stood for National Air Traffic Services, and they are one of the UK’s largest aviation stakeholders that form a…

  • Solar
    Photoelectrochemical Cells

    Photoelectrochemical Cells

    Part of the problem with trying to further renewable energy, is trying to eliminate the waste products and removing the need to use up our planets limited resources. This includes things such as Lithium for batteries to store solar power and the difficulty in trying to recycle solar panels when…

  • Climate Change
    Climate Change

    The Future of the Strategic Raw Material: Phosphate

    Most people are, at the very least, aware of what a solar panel is. By drawing in the preexisting energy given off by the sun, the panels convert that energy into electricity . But not so many people are aware that there is an important raw material called phosphorus used…

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    Eco-innovators are continually developing new methods of bringing green energy into our homes. The latest development has come from New World Wind, pioneer of the ‘Aeroleaf’ technology. Learn more:

    #windtrees #windturbines #windenergy #ecoinnovation

    Jaguar and Land Rover have added a new process to the life cycle of their I-PACE batteries; utilising them for battery energy storage systems. Learn more:

    On September 25 2023, Octopus Energy unveiled an innovative wind tariff designed to provide residents living close to offshore wind farms with the advantages of more affordable sustainable energy. Learn more:

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