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  • Tall Building Development
    instrument flight procedures
    Tall Building Development

    Exploring Instrument Flight Procedures (IFPs)

    What is an Instrument Flight Procedure? An Instrument Flight Procedure (IFP) is a set of instructions regarding navigation around aerodromes. There are two basic types, one using precision instruments and one using non precision instruments. The advantages of these over visual procedures are that approaches and departures can be regulated…

  • Renewables
    China Rewarding Pollution Whistle-blowers

    Starting September: China Rewarding Pollution Whistle-blowers

    A Familiar Problem China holds a lot of records, it is the world’s most populous country, it has the world’s fastest train and it is the world’s largest polluter. The Hebei province in particular, which produces 25% of China’s steel contains five of the ten smoggiest cities in China. Figure…

  • Renewables
    nuclear oil gas EU

    Nuclear, Oil and Gas vs the European Union

    What’s in a name? A ‘green’ label has become a very important thing to the energy industry in Europe. The European Union is making moves to ensure money goes to projects that are environmentally friendly, as part of their strategy for supporting their climate goals. An important step here the…

  • Wind Farms
    Impact of Wind Turbines on Birds
    Wind Farms

    Reducing the Impact of Wind Turbines on Birds

    Background Birds collide with moving wind turbine blades and are sporadically killed as a result. Studies have suggested that painting wind turbine blades black and white can reduce the number of avian collisions. Data from a long term experiment in Norway shows that marking blades in this way can reduce…

  • Renewables
    environmental impact roads

    The Environmental Impact of Britain’s New Roads

    Background The UK Government has announced massive new spending on roads to help boost and grow the UK’s economy. This investment could result in increased carbon dioxide emissions and prevent the country meeting its climate change targets. In this article we look at the claims and counter claims being made.…

  • Solar
    oxford pv system
    SolarUK Solar

    New Oxford PV System Promises Performance

    What is the new Oxford PV system? A new way of generating more electrical power from conventional solar photo voltaic systems. How does it work? Conventional solar cells will never be 100% efficient. This is partly because they do not capture all the energy in sunlight – particularly energy at…

  • Renewables
    UK Hot Weather needs Coal

    UK Hot Weather Needs Coal

    Background As Britain’s temperature soars to 37 degrees we have had to start burning coal to meet electricity demand even though overall demand for electricity has reduced due to Covid 19. Up until 12 August Britain had gone for 55 days without having to burn coal to generate electricity. Britain…

  • Offshore Wind
    offshore floating wind energy
    Offshore Wind

    Offshore Floating Wind Energy

    Background The first large-capacity floating wind turbine (Hywind) located in the North Sea near Norway was installed in 2009 and had a capacity of 2.3MW. After more than 10 years, the world capacity deployed has increased almost 30 fold. As of the end of 2019, there is 65.7MW of floating…

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    On the 26th of November, SSE Renewables and Equinor announced the completion of a deal to finance Dogger Bank wind farm which is expected to become the largest offshore wind farm in the world. Learn more: https://bit.ly/2HX2rna #windenergy #windpower #offshorewind #windfarm

    With food production making up a quarter of global emissions, we review ways in which food systems and consumption could have an impact on carbon emissions and the environment. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3mllypX #sustainability #climatechange #environment #carbonemissions

    We are delighted that Waqar Qureshi joined our growing technical team on 23 November enabling us to meet the growing demand for technical assessments from our customers. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3meVwEQ #newteammember #growingteam #technicalanalyst

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