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  • Renewables
    electric forecourt

    UK’s First Electric Forecourt®

    Introduction Gridserve Sustainable Energy Limited is currently constructing the UK’s very first solar-powered electric vehicle (EV) charging forecourt, which will have the capacity to charge 24 EVs at once, as well as offering a superior charging experience.  A video of what the Electric Forecourt® will look like can be found…

  • Renewables
    how clean are blackrock investments

    How Green are Blackrock Investments?

    Background Blackrock is the world’s largest asset manager with around 7 trillion dollars of investments. To put this in perspective annual UK economic output is just under 3 trillion dollars. Blackrock is striving to be greener as many of the companies it invests in have a harmful environmental impact. In…

  • Renewables
    fighting air pollution

    Fighting Air Pollution – UK Cities Take Action

    Introduction Although urban areas represent just a quarter of the total area of the UK, they are home to 83% of the population. It is therefore no surprise these areas have the worst air pollution levels, in fact, many are in breach of the EU’s legally binding target for nitrogen…

  • Aviation
    Coronavirus stops most flights

    Coronavirus stops most flights – but not all!

    Background The number of daily worldwide commercial flights dropped from around 110,000 to about 30,000 during the month of March. This means some flights are still flying – we examine which flights are still flying. Figure 1: 747 Freighter at Liège Airport, Belgium Main Findings In Europe it seems that…

  • Aviation
    wind farms and airports

    Wind Farms and Airports Co-Exist

    Background Pager Power has started analysing a database of the world’s airports with a database of the world’s wind farms to help understand how wind farms and radar co-exist in practice. This article presents some findings from the initial analysis. Figure 1 Lillgrund Offshore Wind Farm which lies 11km offshore…

  • Renewables
    coronavirus cuts carbon emissions

    Coronavirus Cuts Carbon Emissions – Is it Temporary?

    Background As people travel less and workplaces shutdown the world is consuming less energy and emitting less CO2. Furthermore the international aviation sector will be limiting its future emissions with reference to a 2020 baseline. In this article we consider whether the Coronavirus pandemic will have a lasting positive impact…

  • Radar
    common radar mitigation solutions

    Common Radar Mitigation Solutions

    Background Wind turbines and large buildings can have an adverse impact on radar systems. This article examines the some of the more common mitigation solutions for reducing or eliminating these impacts. Why do buildings and turbines cause interference? Radar is designed to detect aircraft, shipping and weather. It works by…

  • Company News
    new technical analyst
    Company News

    New Technical Analyst Joins Pager Power

    Aaron Williams is due to join our growing team in Sudbury on Monday 30 March. After initial training he will start undertaking assessments reporting to Danny Scrivener and being ably assisted by the rest of the technical team. His initial work is likely to involve undertaking analysis for Solar Glint…

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NATS operates a network of #radar that allows it to control air traffic across the UK. As a result of the Hornsea wind farm appearing on its screens unexpectedly, it is revising its wind farm assessment process. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3dIVY93 #offshore #windfarm

One of our recent projects where we helped to obtain consent for a large solar development in Queensland, Australia - Comet Solar Farm. Learn more: https://bit.ly/2CKZwLa
#solar #solarenergy #solarpower #renewableenergy #solarpv #solarfarm

Developments worldwide can receive objections from numerous sources and are often related to radar interference. Issues can also be raised due to potential impact on VORs. But what is a VOR? Let us tell you: https://bit.ly/2BILYPI #radar #windfarms #aviationindustry

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