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  • Aviation
    terma radar
    AviationRadarWind Farm Mitigation

    New Terma Radar at Glasgow mitigates Banks Kype Muir Wind Farm

    Introduction Glasgow Airport has recently commissioned a new radar system to mitigate the effects of the onshore Kype Muir wind farm near Strathaven in central Scotland. The system, supplied by Terma, is designed to distinguish between aircraft and wind turbine returns. This allows aircraft overflying the wind farm to be…

  • Glint and Glare
    solar glare assessment
    Glint and Glare

    The issue of glint and glare from buildings

    Background The two terms ‘glint’ and ‘glare’ refer to the unwanted reflection of the sun’s rays from the face of a reflective surface. Glint and glare is a common issue for solar panels which can have a negative effect on aircraft, trains, vehicles, air traffic controllers, animals and homes. This…

  • Solar

    Australia’s bright renewable energy expansion

    Background Australia introduced renewable energy targets in 2001. In 2009 the target for year 2020 was set to 20% equivalent to 41’000GWh but in 2015 it was reduced to 16% (33000GWh) . After four years of decline, growth rate in non-hydro renewable power capacity increased to 12% in 2016 and…

  • Aviation
    aviation risk assessment
    AviationWind FarmsWind Farms & Aviation

    Air Corps bans wind farms from 29% of Ireland

    Background On 26 January 2019 the Irish Times published an article regarding Air Corps plans to oppose wind farm developments on 29% of Ireland’s land. The Air Corps rationale being to oppose wind farm development where flying training takes place as well as in the vicinity of air routes between…

  • Solar
    Renewable energy in the Arabian Peninsula

    Renewable energy in the Arabian Peninsula

    Background Historically the peninsula relied on hydrocarbons resources to push the development. Oil and gas contributed for both export and domestic usage. The exports are the main contributors of the peninsula’s GDP, while, when used as fuel, can provide inexpensive electricity for the domestic demand. However, several countries have recently…

  • Tall Building Development
    are mobile repeaters legal?
    Tall Building Development

    Are Mobile Repeaters Legal?

    Background It is known that phones’ signals inside buildings might be weakened by several factors. These factors can be: The location of the building, if the building is in rural area and the signal coverage is poor The building construction material, if the building has thick walls of concrete or…

  • Uncategorized
    wind farm noise pollution mitigation
    UncategorizedWind Farm MitigationWind Farms

    Wind Turbine Noise Pollution

    Background The noise pollution produced by a wind farm can become a problem for local communities, developers and sponsors. While for local communities the noise can have severe negative effects on people’s sleeping pattern, psychological and physical health, for developers and sponsors this issue can generate loss in energy produced…

  • Company News
    pagerpower goes solar
    Company NewsSolarUK Solar

    Pager Power goes Solar

    Background Solar PV panels are being fitted to our offices at South Suffolk Business Centre next week. Electricity from the panels will be consumed in the business centre thus reducing man-made carbon emissions. Figure 1: The reception area at South Suffolk Business Centre Environmental Benefit The solar PV scheme will…

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