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  • Aviation

    Energy NPS Series, Part 2: EN-1

    The first National Policy Statement (NPS) covered in this series is naturally the Overarching National Policy Statement for Energy (EN-1). In this article, we will provide a general overview of EN-1 and outline the civil and military aviation and defence interests we consider when assessing Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs).…

  • Climate Change
    paper bottles
    Climate Change

    Absolut-ely Amazing Paper Bottles

    For decades now, we have bought many liquids in glass bottles: Milk,  Gin,  Beer,  Vodka,  Perfumes,  Coca-Cola,  Sauces such as Ketchup,  Spreads such as jam,  Vinegar, Sparkling water.  Some of the companies that produce these items have since moved over to plastic bottles, or cans, but the question is, what…

  • Wind Farms
    baltics wind power
    Wind Farms

    Baltic State Series, Part 6: Challenges for Wind Power in the Baltic States

    In this sixth article of our series, we will look at the challenges facing the Baltic States, as they look to realise the potential of wind power in this region. As explored in Part 5 of this series, the Baltic States have a combined installed wind power capacity of just…

  • Company News
    Vijayatha Vijayaraghavan
    Company News

    Vijayatha Vijayaraghavan Joins the Team!

    Earlier this month, Vijayatha Vijayaraghavan joined Pager Power’s growing technical team as a Technical Analyst. Vijayatha has a heavily physics-based background having studied Integrated MSc Physics at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham in India, and MSc Astrophysics at Cardiff University. Vijayatha demonstrated skills in conveying complex issues to a wide range of…

  • Solar
    viganella glare

    “Let There Be Glare”

    Here at Pager Power, we deal extensively in reflections of sunlight on solar panels and the façades of buildings, and are particularly concerned with the negative impact these glint and glare reflections can cause upon road and railway safety, residential amenity and aviation activity. However, one small village in north…

  • Renewables

    Back to Basics, Part 3: The Grid

    In the third instalment of our 2024 ‘Back to Basics‘ series, we look at one aspect of the renewable energy transition in more detail – electricity networks. Electricity grids are responsible for the generation, transmission, storage, and distribution of power across and between nations . A distribution network resembles a…

  • Aviation
    Take Off Climb Surface

    New ICAO OLS Series – The Take Off Climb Surface

    The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has proposed new obstacle limitation surfaces (OLS) which are expected to be brought into force from November 2028. Following our November article, in which we presented a high-level exploration into how and why the surfaces might be changing, over the next few months we…

  • Renewables
    Renewable Energy and First Nations

    Australia Focus, Part 1: Renewable Energy and First Nations

    Overview An Australian organisation called the ‘First Nations Clean Energy Network’ want First Nations people to be more involved with new renewable energy projects and to reap the benefits of these technologies. First Nations communities typically consist of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, with the vast majority identifying as…

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    As the first waves of commercial wind turbines erected in the nineties reach the end of their lifespan (roughly 25 years), a question arises; what do we do with them? Learn more:
    #recycling #windturbines

    We review some of the many financial institutions that are embracing sustainability in response to the urgent need for global change:
    #sustainablefinance #finance #carbonbankroll #sustainablebanking #banking #ethicalbanking

    The ice cream industry in the UK is worth £1.4 billion. With summer around the corner, how can the industry improve its sustainability to match the UK’s 2030 targets on net-zero? Learn more:
    #icecream #icecreamindustry #sustainability #netzero #2030netzero

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