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  • Aviation
    green aviation

    Green Aviation

    Background Flying has a growing environmental impact with significant carbon emissions that are growing as the world flies more and further. In Sweden the Flygskam “Flight Shame” movement is increasing awareness of aviation’s impact on the environment and in the UK Plane Stupid is seeking an end to airport expansion.…

  • Construction
    Using Planning Conditions to Manage Interference
    ConstructionRadarTall Building DevelopmentTelecomsWind Farm Radar Interference

    Using Planning Conditions to Manage Interference

    Background Wind turbines, buildings and other tall structures can adversely affect aviation, radar and telecommunications systems. Planning Conditions can be used to allow planning permission to be granted whilst ensuring that adverse impacts are managed effectively. Figure 1 Whitelee Wind Farm, Scotland had multiple radar planning conditions Example planning condition…

  • Company News
    Company News

    Our new Technical Analyst – Michael Sutton

    We are very pleased to announce that our new Technical Analyst Michael Sutton will be joining Pager Power on 19 August. Michael is our second recruit this year – taken on to help us satisfy the growing demand for our services. To avoid confusion we will be called Mike (myself…

  • Glint and Glare
    Glint and Glare

    400 Glint and Glare Assessments Now Completed!

    We started undertaking glint and glare assessments over seven years ago and at the beginning we would never have thought that we would eventually complete 400 … and counting! Developing Pager Power’s own glint and glare model has been key to this achievement. Over the years the model has been…

  • Glint and Glare
    solar intensity calculations
    Glint and Glare

    Solar Intensity Calculations

    Background  New developments such as glass buildings and solar PV systems can cause significant solar reflections. In extreme cases these can overheat people or cause temporary blindness. Solar intensity calculations allow planners to determine whether reflections from a new development will be acceptable. Figure 1 Artist’s impression of European Southern…

  • Aviation
    airport safeguarding

    Heathrow Third Runway – Safeguarding Update

    Overview Heathrow is planning a third runway to the north west of the existing two parallel runways. In an earlier article we explained that this could affect future developments in the vicinity of the new runway – particularly beneath the departure and approach paths. Heathrow is safeguarding the New Northwest…

  • Aviation
    newquay spaceport

    Newquay Spaceport

    Background Newquay airport is becoming one of the few locations in United Kingdom to enable sub-orbital flights, spaceplanes and satellites launches Why Newquay Newquay airport…

  • Tall Building Development
    assessing microwave links impact
    Tall Building DevelopmentTelecoms

    Tall Buildings and Microwave Links

    Background Point to point microwave links are a core element of telecommunications infrastructure. They carry digital data at the speed of light between two antennae typically spaced a few kilometres apart. These links rely on a clear line of sight between the link ends as well as within a Fresnel…

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