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  • Aviation
    MOD Air Defence Radar
    AviationWind Farm MitigationWind Farms

    MOD Air Defence Radar Mitigation Update 2019

    The Ministry of Defence has provided information to help wind farm developers determine what mitigation solutions may be appropriate for wind farms that affect its air defence radar. We interpret the MOD’s position as follows: Mitigating wind farm effects using the radar’s in-built capabilities is back on the table in…

  • Glint and Glare
    summer solstice sun facts
    Glint and Glare

    Summer Solstice: Sun facts to brighten up your day

    Overview With the Summer Solstice upon us, we thought we would shed some light on the largest object in our solar system by providing you with some interesting Sun based facts to warm your grey matter. The Sun rises and sets everyday with the predictability of a botched Brexit, and…

  • Aviation

    MOD Air Defence Radar Mitigation Update – June 2019

    The MOD released an update on radar mitigation. We see this as a positive move which offers hope to both onshore and offshore wind developers. Figure 1 Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm The main text of the update is reproduced below: The MOD has continued to work with wind farm…

  • Aviation
    ADS-B 2
    AviationWind Farm MitigationWind Farm Radar Interference

    Wind Turbines impact upon ADS-B and Multilateration

    Background Wind turbines can have a negative impact upon radar activity. As shown in the figure below wind turbines can show up on radars as storms. Their interference can be categorised in three different types: emission, blocking and reflection. However, two new technologies can mitigate such issues: ADS-B and Multilateration.…

  • Aviation


    Background It is expected that flights volume will increase in the future. This will put air traffic management under pressure, and it will require the surveillance system to be improved. Therefore, many countries are shifting towards ADS-B surveillance systems. ADS-B surveillance system The ADS-B system ADS-B is a surveillance…

  • Drones/ UAVs
    drones and the law
    Drones/ UAVs

    Gatwick Drones and the Law

    Background The Gatwick Drone saga continues with arrests, releases and libel claims after two suspects were released without charge. Furthermore there has been speculation about whether there were any drones out there at all which has led to the government chastising the police for mis-communication. Pager Power looked into the…

  • Aviation
    Digital ATC Towers

    Digital ATC Towers

    Background Digital ATC towers require no personnel on site and use cameras to monitor flights and runways. The images recorded are sent to a control centre where operators can monitor the activities. Airports around the world have started replacing normal ATC towers with digital ones. The move is dictated mainly…

  • Radar
    NATS safeguarding

    The role of NATS and where they operate in the UK

    Overview If you are developing a wind farm or building development in the vicinity of an airport, radar installation or navigation aid, then it will be beneficial to know who safeguards the infrastructure. NATS is one of the UK’s largest aviation stakeholders, and they have the responsibility of maintaining and…

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