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  • Solar
    solar farm speed record

    Solar farm sets six-week speed record

    Solar Farm Speed Record The Sekdoorn solar project in the north of the Netherlands is interesting for a few reasons. For one, it’s another example of a floating solar park, which in itself offers some advantages over land-based options including efficient use of space and the fact that solar panels…

  • Renewables
    environmental concerns in 2020

    Internationally mixed messages on the environment coming into 2020

    Hot Topic Environmental concerns seem more prevalent going into 2020 than ever before. Initiatives, protests and policies around green energy and the environment can be found almost anywhere you care to look. The actual steps that will be actioned in this regard are less clear. In this article we compare…

  • Wind Farms
    offshore islands for wind farms
    Wind Farms

    Denmark considering offshore islands for wind farms to meet new targets

    Overview Manmade offshore islands surrounded by wind turbines are being considered in Denmark to help achieve their new climate targets. Their aim is to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 70% by 2030 and to be carbon neutral by 2050. The initial phase of the island project is expected to…

  • Construction
    crane operation schemes

    Crane Operations Schemes

    Background Cranes are usually temporary but can adversely affect aviation due to their height. It is therefore often necessary for building developers to prepare a Crane Operation Scheme to ensure cranes will not adversely affect aviation. Crane Operation Schemes are often incorporated into Construction Management Plans.   Technical Height Restrictions…

  • Renewables
    wind farms generate more power
    RenewablesWind Farms

    Will Climate Change make wind farms generate more power?

    Background Climate change is projected to cause rising temperatures and changing weather patterns. These may result in the output of wind farms changing over time. A variety of studies have been undertaken which show how the amount of electricity generated in future will change as a result of climate change.…

  • Renewables
    What does Tory landslide mean for Renewable Energy?

    What does Tory landslide mean for Renewable Energy?

    Background Boris Johnson’s conservative party won an outstanding majority in yesterday’s general election forcing Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party into a distant second place. At the time of writing the Conservatives had won 363 seats and Labour had won just 203. In an earlier article we compared the renewable energy policies…

  • Uncategorized
    car park glare

    ‘Hazards on’ for Airports and Car Park Glare

    Overview Safeguarding an airport has many facets. For aerodrome safeguarding, it is common to assess and manage, where possible, the use of drones, new and existing habitats and the heights of surrounding development to name just a few. A safeguarding officer will have to manage both external planning applications as…

  • Aviation
    Heathrow Third Runway

    Heathrow Third Runway Costs Reined In

    Background The planned new third runway at Heathrow is set to cost around £18 billion. This will be funded by airlines using Heathrow who are concerned about having to fund a spiralling bill. The airport’s regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority, has imposed a new condition on Heathrow’s licence to ensure…

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