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  • Renewables
    Chile Renewables

    Chile’s Road Towards a Renewable America

    The South American country of Chile is known for its incredible standing in terms of tackling climate change, even being known as a worldwide leader on climate change. There are many statistics to support their achievement in improving their carbon footprint, such as the one confirming that almost 22% of…

  • Offshore Wind
    wind offshore lease
    Offshore Wind

    First Wind Offshore Lease in the Pacific Ocean

    So far offshore wind energy has seen its development in sea areas where the water is shallow because the foundation’s technology only enabled the exploitation of those areas. Recent advancements in the foundation’s technology (floating foundations) have made possible and economically profitable the deployment of offshore wind capacity in those…

  • Company News
    pager power gliding
    Company News

    Pager Power Takes To The Skies

    On Sunday 15th May, Pager Power Director, Danny Scrivener took to the skies for a trial gliding lesson at the local Essex and Suffolk Gliding Club. The gliding experience, a gift from Danny’s family for his birthday, was two years in the making due to Covid restrictions. Danny wanted to…

  • Climate Change
    plastic problem
    Climate Change

    Could We Be On The Brink Of Solving Our Plastic Problem?

    Plastic, we love the stuff. From food packaging to drinks bottles, cutlery, toys and Tupperware, plastic seems to be all around us. Every day, all of us will use, dispose of, and come into contact with some sort of plastics. It can make life easier and more convenient in a…

  • Aviation
    qantas project sunrise

    Qantas Announces ‘Project Sunrise’

    When a route between London and Australia was set up in 1947, the journey required seven stops and lasted a total of four days – nicknamed the ‘Kangaroo Route’ due to the many stops. Fast forward 75 years and Qantas is planning to introduce the world’s longest direct route from…

  • Renewables
    100% renewables

    Why 100% Renewables Does Not Mean Zero Carbon Emissions

    Businesses, electrical vehicle charging services and electricity suppliers advertise 100% renewable electricity to demonstrate their environmental credentials. Providing more renewable electricity from solar, wind and hydro generators reduces overall carbon emissions from electricity. Using 100% renewable electricity still results in significant carbon emissions.   Figure 1: Wind farm, Turlock, United…

  • Renewables
    US energy production

    Renewables vs Nuclear: US Energy Production

    In 2021, renewable energy sources generated a total of 795 million megawatt-hours (MWh) of electricity in the United States (US), compared to only 778 million MWh generated by nuclear energy sources. Nuclear electricity generation has been…

  • Solar
    solar sheep

    Sheep and Solar, a Match Made in Heaven

    You herd it here first, the land that makes an optimal area for livestock is often also an ideal spot for solar farms. They’re both vast, rather flat plots of land which receive ample levels of sun. Increased solar production benefits the environment, but it may come at the expense…

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    As of June 15th 2022, UK building developers will be required to ensure EV charging points are installed within the following: New-build homes, new-build workplaces, supermarkets and buildings undergoing major renovations. Learn More: https://bit.ly/3QSlJZv #evcharging

    The United States is in the process of making its electricity supply much greener. Over the next thirty years coal and nuclear stations are to be decommissioned whilst there will be substantial growth in #wind and #solar. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3u7IEX2 #renewables

    A £160m funding programme has been launched by the UK government. The funding will support the UK’s goal of delivering up to 5GW of floating offshore wind capacity in the UK by the end of the decade. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3u9cjij #offshorewind

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