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  • Aviation
    NATS objections

    Who exactly is NATS?

    NATS and UK Development Developers of wind turbines and large buildings in the UK are likely to have encountered NATS in one way or another. New applications for tall building developments are routinely by NATS in the context of potential interference. For wind turbine planning applications in the UK, NATS…

  • Aviation
    first commercial spaceflight

    Lift Off for the World’s First Commercial Spaceflight

    Background For the first time ever, two astronauts onboard a spacecraft developed and built by a privately owned company has launched into space. The Crew Dragon capsule, shown below, docked to the International Space Station (ISS) approximately 19 hours after lifting off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA. The…

  • Aviation
    history of flight

    A Brief History Of Flight (Part Deux)

    By S.C.Watson (Mike’s brother) If you missed A Brief Histoty of Flight Part 1, click here. What do the stethoscope, the Etch-a-sketch, the pencil sharpener and hair dryers have in common?  Well the answer is they are all great French inventions. It is perhaps surprising to the casual xenophobe (whose…

  • Renewables
    coronavirus cuts carbon emissions

    Coronavirus Cuts Carbon Emissions – The Bounce Back

    Introduction At the start of the lockdown in the UK, we released an article outlining ways in which the temporary drop in carbon emissions resulting from COVID-19 pandemic could become permanent – read the article here.  Now that lockdown measures are starting to ease and life gets back to normal,…

  • Solar
    onshore wind and solar
    SolarWind Farms

    Onshore Wind and Solar Regain Access to CfDs

    Background Onshore wind and solar energy lost access to the Contract for Difference (CfD) scheme in 2017 despite generating electricity at low cost. This move, together with stricter planning regulations, has halted the deployment of new wind capacity in England (see our previous article Exclusion of onshore wind energy from…

  • Offshore Wind
    offshore wind
    Offshore Wind

    New Advancements in Offshore Wind Energy

    Background The offshore wind sector has made significant improvements in the last three decades.  The first offshore pilot project was located south of the Danish coast and had a total capacity of 4.95MW. Vindeby offshore project was installed in 1991 implementing 11 Bonus 450kW turbines.  Nowadays the projects are of…

  • Solar
    solar panel efficiency

    Solar Panel Efficiency Hits New Records

    Background Solar panels are becoming more powerful and efficient by the day. In 1955, Hoffman Electronics-Semiconductor Division introduced photovoltaic products with a 2% efficiency. Nowadays the efficiency of a solar panel is in the range of 15% to 22%, depending on factors like placement, orientation, weather conditions, and similar; and…

  • Solar
    USA's biggest solar farm

    USA’s Biggest Solar Farm Consented

    Overview In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, the USA’s biggest solar photovoltaic (PV) development has gained planning consent from the Trump administration. The solar development is to be located 30 miles north east of Las Vegas in the state of the Nevada. Its development is expected to cost in…

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NATS operates a network of #radar that allows it to control air traffic across the UK. As a result of the Hornsea wind farm appearing on its screens unexpectedly, it is revising its wind farm assessment process. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3dIVY93 #offshore #windfarm

One of our recent projects where we helped to obtain consent for a large solar development in Queensland, Australia - Comet Solar Farm. Learn more: https://bit.ly/2CKZwLa
#solar #solarenergy #solarpower #renewableenergy #solarpv #solarfarm

Developments worldwide can receive objections from numerous sources and are often related to radar interference. Issues can also be raised due to potential impact on VORs. But what is a VOR? Let us tell you: https://bit.ly/2BILYPI #radar #windfarms #aviationindustry

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