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  • Renewables
    environmental impact roads

    The Environmental Impact of Britain’s New Roads

    Background The UK Government has announced massive new spending on roads to help boost and grow the UK’s economy. This investment could result in increased carbon dioxide emissions and prevent the country meeting its climate change targets. In this article we look at the claims and counter claims being made.…

  • Solar
    oxford pv system
    SolarUK Solar

    New Oxford PV System Promises Performance

    What is the new Oxford PV system? A new way of generating more electrical power from conventional solar photo voltaic systems. How does it work? Conventional solar cells will never be 100% efficient. This is partly because they do not capture all the energy in sunlight – particularly energy at…

  • Renewables
    UK Hot Weather needs Coal

    UK Hot Weather Needs Coal

    Background As Britain’s temperature soars to 37 degrees we have had to start burning coal to meet electricity demand even though overall demand for electricity has reduced due to Covid 19. Up until 12 August Britain had gone for 55 days without having to burn coal to generate electricity. Britain…

  • Offshore Wind
    offshore floating wind energy
    Offshore Wind

    Offshore Floating Wind Energy

    Background The first large-capacity floating wind turbine (Hywind) located in the North Sea near Norway was installed in 2009 and had a capacity of 2.3MW. After more than 10 years, the world capacity deployed has increased almost 30 fold. As of the end of 2019, there is 65.7MW of floating…

  • Renewables
    big changes to England's planning

    Big Big Changes for England’s Planning System

    Background The UK Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government has issued its “Planning for the Future” White Paper which sets outs its plans for reforming the planning system in England. The White Paper can be downloaded here. The Case for Change The main driver for change appears to be…

  • Telecoms
    improving mobile coverage

    Improving Mobile Coverage

    Background We installed a 4G repeater system in a rural home with very poor mobile coverage with the aim of improving its mobile coverage. In this article we review the system that was installed and consider how well it performs in practice. System The system boosts 4G signals from mobile…

  • Aviation
    covid middle seat risk

    Safety in Numbers – Covid Middle Seat Risk

    It is well known that the risk of catching Covid-19 increases as we spend more time in close proximity to people. In the early days of the crisis the possibility of not selling aircraft middle seats was discussed – with a view to minimising the risk of passengers catching Covid-19…

  • Company News
    pager power's video
    Company News

    Take a look at Pager Power’s video!

    Our new promotional video clearly explains what we do and we like it. There was a lot of internal discussion about how dramatic the potential aircraft collision (to explain physical safeguarding) should or should not be. Why not take a look and see if you think we got it right.…

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The US Federal Aviation Administration has issued an authorisation to Amazon to allow it to operate UAVs for delivering packages to customers. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3ciwZKM #drones #uavs #dronedelivery #amazonair #primeair

The Climate Action 100+ organisation is driving down worldwide greenhouse gas emissions by getting the world’s largest polluters to reduce their emissions. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3kneKGM #climateaction #climatechange #carbonemissions #carbonreduction #co2emissions

1st Floating Solar Power Plant in Belgium - at the cost of €2 million. Article credit @cleantechnica

#solarpower #solarfarm #solarenergy #greenenergy #renewableenergy


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