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  • Climate Change
    environmental impact working from home
    Climate Change

    The Environmental Impact of Working from Home

    Last week, Boris Johnson confirmed in a press conference that the government would be moving to its Coronavirus Plan B. This means that from Monday 13th December, everyone was advised to work from home where possible. Although this may have been seen as something of a luxury in a pre-COVID…

  • Climate Change
    cuts to electric car subsidies
    Climate Change

    UK Cuts to Electric Car Subsidies

    The government has cut grants for electric vehicles in the UK. Electric cars with a value below £32,000 (down from £35,000) will see subsidies reduced from £2,500 to £1,500. This will mark the second reduction within a year after the grant was reduced from £3,000 to £2,500. Likewise, the grant…

  • Renewables
    renewable energy storage

    From Blast Furnaces to Renewable Energy Storage!

    Sembcorp Industries, an energy company based in Singapore, recently announced plans to produce Europe’s largest battery storage system in Teesside, England. The proposed battery storage project will be located within the Wilton International Industrial Park in Redcar, the heart of Teesside’s industrial area. Sembcorp have set up a UK subsidiary…

  • Offshore Wind
    Seagreen first wind turbine
    Offshore Wind

    Seagreen Offshore Wind Farm Celebrates its First Wind Turbine

    SSE Renewables and TotalEnergies have completed the installation of the first of many wind turbines to come at the 1100MW Seagreen Wind Farm off East Scotland. The turbine is set to be the first V164-10.0MW machine installed globally. At 10MW, it will be the most powerful turbine currently installed offshore…

  • Uncategorized
    whitepaper solar reflection

    Whitepaper – How Solar Reflection Location Impacts a Road User

    Pager Power’s whitepaper ‘Evaluating the Field of View: Quantifying How the Location of a Solar Reflection Impacts a Road User’ has now been published. The Whitepaper will now be a supporting document to Pager Power’s Glint and Glare Guidance document and informs the methodology when assessing the effects of glint…

  • Renewables
    gulf of mexico renewables

    The Gulf of Mexico and Renewables Forecast for 2050

    President Joe Biden has recently presented his Build Back Better Act which aims to re-build the American economy after the damage caused by the pandemic. A substantial amount of the plan is towards transforming the energy sector, in order to combat climate change. Circa 1/3 of the $1.75 trillion will…

  • Climate Change
    climate change condition
    Climate Change

    The ‘Climate Change’ Condition

    A woman in the British Colombia province, Canada found herself suffering from breathing issues as a consequence of the heatwaves and poor air quality.. Since the onset of her symptoms, she has been the first person diagnosed with ‘climate change’ as the medical condition behind her recent deterioration in health.…

  • Company News
    recruiting support officer
    Company News

    Pager Power is Recruiting a Support Officer

    Pager Power’s business is growing! Due to a resurgence in the UK renewable sector and a significant increase in demand from developers of UK city centre property, the business is rapidly expanding and the job opportunities within it. As a result of this, we are looking for someone to join…

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    Drax Group are planning a new pumped storage power station called Cruachan II in western Scotland adjacent to its existing pumped storage facility. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3AaPpZM #pumpedstorage #renewableenergy #renewables #renewablesindustry

    Read our technical explainer about using landscape screening to solve solar glint and glare for solar developments. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3FrpFcO #solarpower #solarpv #glintandglare #solardevelopments #solarfarms #solarparks

    Mobile phone signals can interfere with aircraft navigational and landing guidance systems. The new 5G technology will require passengers to completely switch off phones, rather than keeping their phones on in aeroplane mode. Find out more: https://bit.ly/3qhUbBk #aviation #5g

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