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We take our social responsibilities seriously


The ability to work from home occasionally improves work life balance and reduces environmental emissions from transport. It is estimated that our homeworking scheme cuts CO2 emissions by 1,400 kg per year.

A pleasant workplace is important for our own wellbeing. Our new office, as well as cutting our energy use, has been designed to be dog-friendly. Research shows that dogs in the workplace cut employee stress, improve teamwork and make the office a more enjoyable place to be.

Local Charities

In recent years Pager Power has made contributions to two local charities, the River Stour Trust and Cavendish Pre-School.

Energy Efficiency

Pager Power has reduced its energy consumption and environmental impact by:

  • Replacing its old survey vehicle with a newer model that has lower CO2 and NOX emissions
  • Moving to a new office that requires less energy for heating and lighting
  • Replacing an inefficient electric heating system with an air source heat pump

The annual reduction in CO2 emissions from these measures is estimated to be 3.8 tons of CO2 arising from both reduced electricity consumption and reduced vehicle emissions.

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