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We are a close-knit team who work well together to provide rapid advice and report delivery to support our customers’ requirements.

We have a lot of experience and are used to assimilating and take pride in resolving complex problems practically and effectively. From the design and development of our in-house software, to dealing with complex and challenging technical issues around the world, our customers always benefit from our capabilities.

Our technical analysts are supported by an experienced and dedicated customer service team. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent Customer Service.



At Pager Power we’ve always welcomed dogs in the office.
Mike has been bringing his black Labrador, Ebony, into the office regularly since she was a pup. Kai’s Beagle, Gamble, makes regular visits much to the team’s delight.
Pager Power’s dogs make the office a more enjoyable and relaxed place to work.


    Earlier this year the Italian government introduced the ‘Superbonus’ scheme. The new legislation permits home-owners to a tax advantage that allows them to claim 110% of the fee for building costs that make their home more energy efficient. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3cV6Brw

    India’s solar power capacity is growing, and quickly. Coal powers 70% of India’s electricity generation, but Prime Minister Modi has pledged that by 2030, India will produce more energy through #solar and other renewables than its entire grid now. https://bit.ly/3p9AyJZ

    While world leaders were attending COP26 in Glasgow earlier this month, a nightclub in Glasgow was testing a system to save an estimated 70 tonnes of carbon per year by harnessing the power of dance. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3rqHwNJ #climatechange #climateaction #greenagenda

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