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pager power’s services

From an initial feasibility assessment to securing planning permission, our technical analysts can help with even the most challenging projects.

Not only do we provide impartial honest technical advice, we can also undertake stakeholder consultation; negotiations; technical assessments; appeals and provide expert evidence at public inquiries.

glint and glare

Assessment determines the significance, time, date and intensity of direct solar reflections from solar parks, buildings and chimneys. Can include shielding and mitigation studies.

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Aerodrome Safeguarding

Assessment determines whether development will breach aerodrome’s Obstacle Limitation Surfaces (OLS). May include advice on marking, lighting and mitigation.

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Assessment determines whether development will affect performance of aeronautical beacons such as DVOR, NDB and ILS. May consider ICAO standards and mitigation.

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Line of sight, detectability and operational assessments for military, civil and meteorological radar. May include the design and evaluation of technical mitigation solutions.

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telecommunications impact

EMI assessments consider the effects of reflections, shadowing and emissions for point to point, broadcast and receiving systems. May include operational assessment and mitigation.

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