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  • Solar
    bifacial PV

    Bifacial PV Projects Benefitting From Membrane’s Reflected Sunlight

    The working principle of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels is to capture the Sun’s energy and convert it into electricity. The panels do not require direct sunlight to work and can also produce electricity on cloudy days. However, the larger contributor to electricity generation is direct Sunlight . Solar PV panels…

  • Glint and Glare
    Glare guidance in Germany
    Glint and Glare

    Achtung! A Comparison of Glare Guidance in Germany and in the UK

    Pager Power has recently undertaken a comparison of glare guidance used in Germany and Pager Power’s own glint and glare guidance, used in the UK. Figure 1: Agrivoltaics solar plant, Germany. The German glare guidance comes in the form of the Guideline for the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and…

  • Wind Farms
    Wind Farms

    Refresher Course in Wind Farms and Point-to-Point Telecoms Issues – Part 4 – Stakeholder Consultation

    Parts 1-3 of this series presented a refresher course in dealing with wind farm and point-to-point telecommunications issues, a recap on understanding the interference mechanisms and a photographic encyclopaedia of telecommunications equipment. Part 4 of this series presents an overview of the stakeholder consultation process and how this should be…

  • Solar

    Europe’s Solar Power Leader

    One of the smallest countries in Europe, the Netherlands, has become Europe’s, per-capita, solar powerhouse. The scenic country has more than 48 million solar panels installed with an average of two solar panels per inhabitant and installed capacity of more than 1 kilowatt per person. Figure 1: Green grass…

  • Climate Change
    green jobs boom
    Climate Change

    The Green Jobs Boom!

    Statistics show that, enrolment in courses relating to renewable energy has increased by 70% in Scotland during the past four years. According to Scottish Renewables, 22,000 undergrads are studying courses from engineering to math, that are relevant to the industry. The same survey from 2019 stated that there were roughly…

  • Climate Change
    net zero goals
    Climate Change

    Now or Never: Achieving UK’s Net Zero Goals

    With other countries across the globe taking steps to cleaner, greener and renewable energy solutions such as US President Joe Biden’s record-breaking bill, as well as Siemens Energy and Dragados Offshore securing a $4.3 billion investment, the UK and ministers must act now to take steps towards renewable energy, or…

  • Climate Change
    modernise energy charter treaty
    Climate Change

    Modernise the Energy Charter Treaty

    As discussed in one of our previous articles, The Energy Charter Treaty is an international agreement establishing cross-border cooperation in the energy industry – principally the fossil fuel industry.  The treaty covers all aspects of commercial energy activities including: Trade  Transit Investments Energy efficiency  Its principles are very outdated,…

  • Climate Change
    Energy change in the EU
    Climate Change

    Energy change in The EU

    Before the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, 40% of natural gas and 27% of oil imports to the EU were from Russia . When Russia invaded Ukraine, the energy landscape of the world changed. Sanctions were placed on Russian oil and gas, and there was market chaos that led to…

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