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  • Renewables
    china new emissions pledge

    China’s New Carbon Emissions Pledge

    Background In a surprising move from President Xi Jinping, China is now pledging to reach “peak carbon” before 2030 and to become practically carbon neutral by 2060. The substantial plan to help tackle the climate crisis was announced by the world’s biggest polluter during a virtual speech to the United…

  • Renewables

    The New White Gold – Lithium

    Background As conventional power plants are replaced by intermittent renewable generation and as our cars turn electric the demand for high performing rechargeable batteries is rising across the world. Lithium is one of the best materials for these batteries but the metal is expensive and the mining process can have…

  • Radar
    RadarWind Farm Mitigation

    Wind Farm Radar Mitigation – Data Costs

    Overview Wind farm operators may be asked to pay licence fees for using data from one radar for mitigating the effects of their turbines on another radar. We discuss the radar data costs associated with the development of wind farms in the vicinity of radar facilities. Wind Farms and Radar…

  • Radar
    how does radar mitigation work
    RadarWind Farm MitigationWind Farm Radar Interference

    How does Radar Mitigation Work?

    Overview Many modern radar have in-built mitigation to reject the effects of wind turbines. This article considers the in-built design features that allow these radar to do this. Radar Radar are designed to detect aircraft by sending and receiving radio signals. Radar are also affected by other objects, however, such…

  • Drones/ UAVs
    amazon drone update
    Drones/ UAVs

    Amazon Drone Update

    Background Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) can potentially make delivery of goods quicker and easier as UAVs can fly quickly from local distribution centres to consumers. There are many challenges that prevent a cost effective and safe service being launched now. Notwithstanding these challenges progress is being made in the United…

  • Renewables
    climate action 100+

    Big Investors tell Big Industry to curb CO2 emissions

    Background The Climate Action 100+ organisation is driving down worldwide greenhouse gas emissions by getting the world’s largest polluters (direct and indirect) to reduce their emissions. Who is Climate Action 100+ They are a worldwide group of 130 banks, pension funds and other investors who control assets of around 47…

  • Uncategorized
    Meteorological radar

    How Wind Turbines Fake Rain

    Background Wind turbines interfere with radar systems. The worst affected radar are those used by civil and military authorities for air traffic control and air defence. Weather services, however, can also be affected by wind turbines when their radar detect and display returns from wind turbines. How Meteorological radar works…

  • Wind Farms
    Wind Power Mix Record
    Wind Farms

    Breezing to A New Wind Power Mix Record

    Introduction According to the National Electricity System Operator (ESO), wind power provided its highest ever share of the UK power mix during the early hours of Saturday 22nd August. Thanks to Storm Ellen and wind speeds of up to 79 mph, wind power generated just under 60% of the power…

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    On the 26th of November, SSE Renewables and Equinor announced the completion of a deal to finance Dogger Bank wind farm which is expected to become the largest offshore wind farm in the world. Learn more: https://bit.ly/2HX2rna #windenergy #windpower #offshorewind #windfarm

    With food production making up a quarter of global emissions, we review ways in which food systems and consumption could have an impact on carbon emissions and the environment. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3mllypX #sustainability #climatechange #environment #carbonemissions

    We are delighted that Waqar Qureshi joined our growing technical team on 23 November enabling us to meet the growing demand for technical assessments from our customers. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3meVwEQ #newteammember #growingteam #technicalanalyst

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