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  • Wind Farms
    history of wind energy
    Wind Farms

    Back to Basics: A Brief History of Modern Wind Energy

    Last month’s Back to Basics article considered the chronological development of modern solar power, and now, we dip into the history of another major renewable energy source – electricity generated by wind. Wind energy is considered a sustainable, renewable energy source but is variable, so must be accompanied by energy…

  • Renewables
    eurostar renewable energy

    Eurostar’s Eco-Express: Full Steam Ahead to 100% Renewable Energy

    According to its first sustainability report, the international rail operator Eurostar aims to use 100% renewable energy to power its trains by 2030. The company, which operates trains between the UK and Europe via the Channel Tunnel, said it had joined the global Renewable Energy 100% corporate initiative (RE100) and…

  • Aviation
    sustainable aviation fuel

    Sustainable Aviation Fuel for Wind Farm Servicing

    Emissions from the aviation industry are a comparatively small but persistent aspect of global pollution. Reported values for the percentage of carbon emissions are typically around 2%-3% . The industry itself is of course global and robust, such that advances in green technology in this sector have huge potential. Airports…

  • Company News
    Company News

    Hannah Lucey Joins Pager Power!

    In early May, Pager Power welcomed Hannah Lucey to the Technical Analyst Team. Hannah will be working full-time in our Sudbury office and will undertake various assessments across each of our service areas. Hannah graduated in Winter 2023 from the University of St Andrews with a master’s degree in Sustainable…

  • Aviation

    Zephyr: Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? No, it’s a Telecomms Mast!

    Developments of both wind turbines and other tall structures have the potential to interfere with communication infrastructure, this can constrain these projects, but could this concern one day be a thing of the past? Tall developments can obstruct signals between a transmitter and receiver when these physical obstructions are located…

  • Aviation
    turbulence types

    Turbulence Types

    Turbulence is a significant factor in aviation, affecting aircraft operations in various ways. Turbulence is caused by irregular motion of air resulting from eddies and vertical currents. Understanding the different types of turbulence and their effects is crucial for ensuring the safety and efficiency of flight operations. Clear Air Turbulence…

  • Company News
    CAA Air Law Exam
    Company News

    Michael Passes CAA Air Law Exam

    Pager Power are aviation experts who provide assessments and advice to developers of solar, wind, and building developments. To ensure the company’s expertise and knowledge in this area remains up-to-date, we encourage staff members to undertake additional training to further hone their skills. On this basis, Michael Sutton decided to…

  • Climate Change
    media for change
    Climate Change

    Media for Change, Part 2: Captivating Films That Inspire Environmental Action

    This article, the second in our Media for Change series, explores the power of film to ignite environmental passion. The environmental crisis is a pressing issue, affecting ecosystems, societies, and economies globally. As awareness rises, various media – books, films, and TV – have become significant tools to grasp and…

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