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  • Company News
    sunflower project
    Company News

    The Sunflower Project – Pager Power Fundraiser

    Pager Power is creating a fundraiser event for its colleagues, in support of humanitarian aid for those affected by the war in Ukraine. With the sunflower growing season looming, we have decided to incorporate a competition of growing the tallest sunflower by October this year. Figure 1: Sunflowers at Museum…

  • Climate Change
    better business act
    Climate Change

    The importance of the “Better Business Act”

    We are living in a climate crisis that can no longer be ignored. Global temperatures increasing, icebergs are melting and sea levels rising. Habitat loss leading to a reduction in biodiversity. More extreme and more frequent weather driving catastrophic natural disasters. The outlook is that things will only get worse…

  • Wind Farms
    wind farms brownfield land
    Wind Farms

    Scientists Encourage Build of Wind Farms on Brownfield Land

    Boris Johnson’s recent energy security plan has been criticised for failing to provide opportunities to back onshore wind farms due to concerns about opposition from Tory backbenchers. This means it will be more difficult to expand the development of onshore wind in England.  Concerns about the ‘eyesore’ that onshore wind…

  • Aviation
    ghost flights

    The Carbon Cost of Ghost Flights

    Have you ever been on a flight and looked around at the empty seats, and thought what the carbon cost per person might be? Figure 1: Passenger on an empty plane. Many people may have come across this situation in personal or business travel, and the problem extends beyond…

  • Climate Change
    Ukraine War Greener
    Climate Change

    Will the Ukraine War Make the World Greener in the Long Run?

    As sanctions on Russia bite, gas, oil and coal prices spike and countries rush to secure energy from new suppliers; we consider whether the long term impact on greenhouse gas emissions will be beneficial. The war has led to sanctions on Russia resulting in Britain and the United States to…

  • Solar
    solar coal mine

    Could Coal Mines Evolve Into Solar Farms?

    Renewable energy has long been a concept that the public and industry in general, see as a positive one. The picture gets more complicated as proposals get more specific, including when it comes to deciding exactly where to put renewable energy infrastructure. Where to Put Green Infrastructure Proposals are generally…

  • Climate Change
    Electric Car Charging Point
    Climate Change

    England’s Electric Car Charging Game On Point

    From the 15th of June 2022, all new build residential homes and buildings in England will require an electric vehicle (EV) charging point. The law, coming into effect in just two months, is part of a wider plan to cut carbon emissions, with £1.6billion of investment being committed to expending…

  • Company News
    georgia newton pager power
    Company News

    Georgia Newton Joins Pager Power

    This month, we are very pleased to welcome Georgia Newton to the ever-growing Pager Power family. Georgia will be working full time in our Sudbury office and is joining our commercial team as one of the first points of contact with our clients. She will be working alongside Rosie Ranson…

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    As of June 15th 2022, UK building developers will be required to ensure EV charging points are installed within the following: New-build homes, new-build workplaces, supermarkets and buildings undergoing major renovations. Learn More: https://bit.ly/3QSlJZv #evcharging

    The United States is in the process of making its electricity supply much greener. Over the next thirty years coal and nuclear stations are to be decommissioned whilst there will be substantial growth in #wind and #solar. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3u7IEX2 #renewables

    A £160m funding programme has been launched by the UK government. The funding will support the UK’s goal of delivering up to 5GW of floating offshore wind capacity in the UK by the end of the decade. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3u9cjij #offshorewind

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