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  • Aviation
    history of flight

    The History Of Flight ( Part 1 The Early Years )

    By S.C.Watson (Mike’s brother) Ever since mankind dragged their collective backsides out of the primordial soup and gazed up at the sky, the dream of someday flying through the air has endured. It probably occurred first when one of our ancient ancestors regarded some majestic bird passing overhead, its great…

  • Solar
    Bi-Facial Solar Panels

    Bi-Facial Solar Panels: Technology Overview

    Overview Bi-facial solar photovoltaic (PV) panels have been around for many years however they are only now beginning to enter the mainstream market as a commercially viable alternative to the more common monofacial solar panels. We therefore thought it would be a good idea to explore the technology further and…

  • Construction
    borderline planning issues
    ConstructionTall Building DevelopmentWind Farms

    The Importance of Leading the Dance on Planning Issues

    Borderline Planning Issues Developers have a lot of balls to juggle when it comes to submitting a planning application, particularly for large or complex schemes such as high-rise buildings or renewable energy developments. In countries the world over, it is necessary to demonstrate that adverse impacts have been dutifully considered…

  • Uncategorized
    coronavirus and 5g

    Coronavirus and 5G Update

    Background Following on from our previous article where we showed that the rumour that Coronavirus can’t be true we examine how the rumour grew, how it spread and what the consequences of the rumour spreading have been. Figure 1 Telecommunications Masts in southern Spain Ingredients of a Rumour Rumours can…

  • Wind Farms
    history of wind power
    Wind Farms

    An Incredibly Brief History of Wind Power and Mankind

    By S.C.Watson (Mike’s brother) It could be argued that one of the greatest strides taken by mankind on the journey from hunter gatherers to a technological society was the harnessing of the power of wind. It all started when someone in a rudimentary canoe was trying to dry a sheet…

  • Wind Farm Radar Interference
    wind turbine near hamburg airport
    Wind Farm Radar InterferenceWind Farms

    Big Wind Turbines Near Hamburg Airport

    Background There are many wind turbines in the vicinity of Hamburg Airport in northern Germany. The photograph below shows two turbines at Altenwerder which have tip heights of 198.5 metres above ground level whilst lying just 6.4 nautical miles from the Airport boundary and 7.8 nautical miles from its radar…

  • Aviation
    What will it be like to fly again

    What will it be like to fly again?

    Background The number of commercial flights seems to have bottomed out at around 28,000 per day which is just under a quarter of the 110,000 figure at the end of January. Eventually commercial aviation will start to recover – we look at some of the changes we are likely to…

  • Telecoms
    coronavirus caused by 5g

    Coronavirus caused by 5G?

    Background There are claims that the onset of Covid-19 was caused by the rollout of 5G in China. At Pager Power we are sometimes asked to assess the impact of electromagnetic installations on health – so we decided to investigate these apparently implausible claims. How radio signals can affect health…

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NATS operates a network of #radar that allows it to control air traffic across the UK. As a result of the Hornsea wind farm appearing on its screens unexpectedly, it is revising its wind farm assessment process. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3dIVY93 #offshore #windfarm

One of our recent projects where we helped to obtain consent for a large solar development in Queensland, Australia - Comet Solar Farm. Learn more: https://bit.ly/2CKZwLa
#solar #solarenergy #solarpower #renewableenergy #solarpv #solarfarm

Developments worldwide can receive objections from numerous sources and are often related to radar interference. Issues can also be raised due to potential impact on VORs. But what is a VOR? Let us tell you: https://bit.ly/2BILYPI #radar #windfarms #aviationindustry

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