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  • Solar
    floating solar panels

    Floating Solar Panels

    Background Commonly, for large scale solar PV plants, a vast amount of land is used. However, in places where there is scarcity of available land, solar PV developers have started building medium and large-scale plants on water surfaces. This is the case for Japan, which hosts 73 of the world’s…

  • Uncategorized
    Australian Wind and Solar forced Shutdowns

    Australian Wind and Solar Forced Shutdowns

    Background The Australian electricity grid is being upgraded so that it has increased capacity and more connected renewable energy. Grid outages are planned to achieve this which will mean switching sections of the grid off. This in turn means that a large number of wind and solar farms will be…

  • Radar
    RadarWind Farms & Aviation

    New Hensoldt Radar fixes Wind Farms

    Background Hensoldt – a German radar manufacturer has sold four new ASR-NG radar to help alleviate wind farm radar interference problems in the Netherlands and Germany. The new primary surveillance Radar are to be supplied with new Raytheon SSR. The Hensoldt ASR-NG is designed to suppress false returns from wind…

  • Aviation
    free aviation risk report

    Pager Power’s free online Aviation Risk Report goes live

    Buildings, tall structures and wind turbines can interfere with aviation radar systems. Interference typically occurs due to radar signals being blocked or reflected – which can cause a reduction in radar performance. We’ve developed a report that is free for anyone to use that will help you understand the potential…

  • Solar
    glint and glare concerns

    10MW solar farm rejected due to glint and glare concerns

    Background On the 20th of  February 2019, An Bord Pleanála has upheld the decision of Galway County Council to refuse planning permission for a 10-megawatt energy plant about 4km west of Athenry, in the Republic of Ireland. The Rejection The reason for the rejection of the project is the potential…

  • Aviation
    airport safeguarding

    Airport Safeguarding – Contacts and Links

    Airport Safeguarding ensures that new buildings and structures do not endanger aircraft or airport operations. In the United Kingdom safeguarding is undertaken by individual airports. Airport Contact Web address Aberdeen safeguarding@aiairport.com click here Belfast City safeguarding@bca.aero click here Biggin Hill Katy Woolcot 01959 578500 click here Bournemouth click here Cambridge…

  • Aviation
    obstacle limitation surfaces

    OLS Surfaces

    Obstacle Limitation Surfaces (OLS) are used for protecting aircraft from obstacles around airports and military bases. The surfaces are: Take Off Climb Surface (TOCS) Approach Surface Inner Horizontal Surface Transitional Surface Conical Surface Outer Horizontal Surface Further details regarding the individual surfaces can be found here.  Principles OLS surfaces extend…

  • Aviation
    Safeguarding Heathrow’s Third Runway

    Safeguarding Heathrow’s Third Runway

    Background A new full length runway is planned to the North West of Heathrow, between the existing northerly runway and the M4 Motorway. We have considered how this new runway will impact the development of tall buildings and structures in the area. This is because the height of buildings and…

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