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  • Aviation
    kansai airport

    Kansai: The Airport That Sank

    On an artificial atoll created within the Osaka Bay lies Japan’s third airport, a feat of modern engineering which serves over 25 million passengers annually . It boasts two runways, the size of which are on a par with those at Heathrow, and the longest terminal building in the world…

  • Climate Change
    global recycling
    Climate Change

    Global Recycling: A Journey in the Making

    Recycling is commonly integrated into most homes and businesses across the globe and is often perceived as a trend that is good for the environment, helps reduce the risk of extreme global warming and is beneficial to controlling waste. Although this is true, there are also many more important reasons…

  • Renewables
    canada renewable energy

    New Initiatives Implemented by Canada to Advance the Renewable Energy Industry

    The Canadian government has unveiled new policies targeted at expanding the renewable energy industry to accelerate the shift to a greener economy. The Renewable Energy Programme, which the federal government announced as part of this endeavour, will offer substantial funds to support the development and implementation of renewable energy projects…

  • UK Solar
    cheltenham town football
    UK Solar

    Cheltenham Town Football Club Going Green

    Cheltenham Town Football club have made a green signing to end their 2023 calendar year, and have installed solar panel arrays at their Completely-Suzuki Stadium. Big Team Player The installed panel arrays, 213 solar panels to be exact, feature across the Colin Farmer and Hazelwoods Stand. The development will contribute…

  • Wind Farms
    Wind Farms

    Baltic States Series, Part 2: ELWIND – A Cross-Border Baltic Wind Project

    In the 2nd article in our series on the Baltic States, this article takes a look at a prominent offshore wind development called ELWIND. When you look at the global offshore renewable map there is an extensive amount of wind development in the North Sea. However, if you take a…

  • Climate Change
    green new year resolutions
    Climate Change

    Green New Year Resolutions

    It’s that time of year again, when we stay up late to see the new year in, celebrating our achievements of the year we’re seeing out and hopeful for what the new year has in store for us. It is a common tradition that when we celebrate New Year, we…

  • Renewables
    harmony link project

    Baltic States Series, Part 1: Harmony Link Project

    The Harmony Link project is an electricity interconnector that will connect the Zarnowiec substation in the Pomeranian region of Poland with the Darbėnai substation in the Kretinga region of Lithuania .  In the first in our series on the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania), we explore the benefits of…

  • Solar
    lab free meat

    Could Lab-Grown Meat be an Avenue to Achieving Renewable Targets for the UK?

    Proposed solar farms in the UK continue to grow in size, with recent applications including single developments spanning over two thousand acres that could feed the energy demands of over ninety thousand British homes. A significant step towards a cleaner, safer future for the UK. However, opposition to such projects are frequently raised…

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    T ReCoral by ØrstedTM project was launched in 2022 to investigate the potential of offshore wind turbine foundations as an additional habitat for coral growth. Learn more:
    #coralreefs #coralreef #offshorewind #offshorewindfarm #offshorewindfarms

    Water shortage is one of a plethora of climate events plaguing the planet in the 21st century. We present an overview of some recent drought events around the world, and what is being done to address them. Learn more:
    #drought #climatechange #watershortage

    In the first article in this National Policy Statements (NPS) series, we take a look at the role of the UK NPS in providing a framework for developers of large energy infrastructure projects. Learn more:
    #aviation #infrastructureprojects

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