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  • Renewables
    green homes grants

    Green Homes Grants Stop Green House Gas

    Earlier this month UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a £5,000 green voucher scheme for homeowners in England. The announcement came in the Chancellor’s July mini-budget that encompassed a £30 billion boost to the economy. Figure 1 Chancellor Rishi Sunak The main thrust of the mini-budget was the protection and restoration…

  • Company News
    new technical analyst
    Company News

    New Technical Analyst Joins Pager Power

    Aaron Williams was due to join us on 30 March. Unfortunately due to Covid 19 we had to delay his start date. We are pleased that he is now able to join us on 10 August. After initial training he will start undertaking assessments reporting to Danny Scrivener and being…

  • Aviation
    runway declared distances

    Runway Declared Distances

    Background Declared distances are specific lengths of runway that are published for aircraft operations, specifically when taking off or landing, and are defined for pilots to understand their allowable take-off and landing weights and speeds. The declared distances for a runway comprise the Take-Off Run Available (TORA), Take-Off Distance Available…

  • Aviation
    aviation carbon emissions loophole

    Is the Aviation Industry Exploiting a Loophole?

    Carbon Emissions and Airline Responsibilities Guidelines and targets for carbon emissions are politically – and scientifically – important in 2020, and they will likely remain important in the future. For every initiative to reduce our emissions, there appear to be a slew of exceptions, loopholes and accounting tricks that can…

  • Glint and Glare
    Glint and GlareSolarSolar Energy & Aviation

    Solar Panel Glare

    Overview Solar Panel Glare occurs even though it is not expected because solar panels are designed to absorb sunlight, rather than reflect it. Solar Panel Glare is greater than expected because panels are good at absorbing light perpendicular to them but much less effective when the light is at a…

  • Aviation
    NATS offshore

    NATS Offshore Wind Farm Assessments

    Background NATS operates a network of radar that allows it to control and monitor air traffic across the United Kingdom and its surrounding waters. As a result of the Hornsea wind farm appearing on its screens unexpectedly it is revising its wind farm assessment process. Figure 1 Greater Gabbard Offshore…

  • Aviation

    Aerodrome Safeguarding – The Transitional Surface

    Background Buildings and structures can present a collision risk to aircraft using particular airports. Airports and airfields are often consulted regarding developments in their vicinity. Aerodrome Safeguarding Assessments can be undertaken for civil airports, military airbases and smaller airfields. Airports are protected from surrounding development by a system of Obstacle…

  • Aviation

    Digital Elevation Models (DEM)

    When using digital elevation models data we often come up against terms like DEM, DTM, and DSM. Often they can be confusing and also misinterpreted to mean the same thing. In this article we attempt to quickly explain what each terms means and hopefully help clarify some key points. Figure…

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The US Federal Aviation Administration has issued an authorisation to Amazon to allow it to operate UAVs for delivering packages to customers. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3ciwZKM #drones #uavs #dronedelivery #amazonair #primeair

The Climate Action 100+ organisation is driving down worldwide greenhouse gas emissions by getting the world’s largest polluters to reduce their emissions. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3kneKGM #climateaction #climatechange #carbonemissions #carbonreduction #co2emissions

1st Floating Solar Power Plant in Belgium - at the cost of €2 million. Article credit @cleantechnica

#solarpower #solarfarm #solarenergy #greenenergy #renewableenergy


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