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Momentum is building worldwide around floating photovoltaic (FPV) systems due to the many benefits over their land-based counter parts. We take a look at their potential power generation here in the UK. Learn more: https://bit.ly/34BPIhX #solar #solarpv #floatingsolar

Developers of buildings, masts and wind turbines want to know that these developments will not pose a collision risk to #aircraft in the vicinity of #aerodromes. The Type A Surface can be affected by proposed developments. Learn more: https://bit.ly/37SwBlV #airportsafety

The State Action Plan on CO2 Aviation Emissions Reduction, launched in 2010 by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), aimed to encourage all ICAO Member States to establish a long-term strategy on climate change for the #aviation sector. https://bit.ly/3jyd9wX

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