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Australia Focus, Part 1: Renewable Energy and First Nations

Australia Focus, Part 1: Renewable Energy and First Nations
March 18, 2024 Danny Scrivener


An Australian organisation called the ‘First Nations Clean Energy Network’ want First Nations people to be more involved with new renewable energy projects and to reap the benefits of these technologies. First Nations communities typically consist of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, with the vast majority identifying as Aboriginal. 

News of this network came about through Harry Watson attending an Australian webinar titled ‘Cultivating Resilient and Sustainable Supply Chains in Australia’s Wind Energy Development’, which took place on Monday 4th April 2024. The webinar was run by Australia Wind Energy (AuWE). Upon learning of the network’s activity, we thought it would be a good cause to draw attention to.

First Nations Clean Energy Network

The network’s aim is to ensure that the clean energy revolution is done right and does not bypass or detrimentally affect First Nations people, which may have been the case historically within other industries. One of their key aims, for example, is to ensure that sacred sites are protected for generations to come. 

They will do this by utilising connections within a powerful Steering Group which consists of a partnership between policy makers, (Councils and Unions etc), academia, legal experts, industry groups, academics and renewable developers, as well as cultural leaders. These industries have come together with First Nations, through the First Nations Clean Energy Network, to ensure that renewable energy projects are sustainable.

The objective isn’t just about hitting climate targets, but about helping communities benefit from clean and reliable energy to help them deal with the more extreme temperatures, and weather in general, bought about through climate change.

The Network will support First Nation communities to shape designs, develop and implement renewable energy projects at every scale. According to their website, they will:

  • Build community capacity through education, training and facilitation of the planning and build of community-scale projects
  • Connect First Nations energy businesses with each other, providing a network of specialists and experts for communities to access where technical advice is needed
  • Mentor First Nations communities and organisations considering potential renewable energy projects, including to turbocharge their ability to manage them.

Their website showcases the First Nations / clean energy partnership projects that the network has worked on across Australia. One example is the Marlinja Community Solar project, which consists of a 100-kilowatt solar array and battery, which will provide the majority of the 60 residents’ energy needs. It is a partnership project between the Marlinja community and Original Power, with the community being located in the Northern Territory where historically energy issues including shortages, high costs and outages were common. Residents were involved in the installation of the project, which involved them being trained in electrical engineering and carpentry. Installation began in December 2023, with first operation expected within the first quarter of 2024.

More of their case studies can be found here.


Renewable energy projects need to be designed and built sustainably, whether that be considering impacts upon the natural environment, existing infrastructure or local people. Ensuring that First Nations are not left behind and can reap the benefits of clean energy seems like a noble cause to us, and this is something that the Pager Power team are happy to promote. 

More information from their website can be found here.

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Thumbnail image accreditation: Solar Farm, Queensland, Australia (2023) on Wikicommons. Last accesses on 18th March 2024. Available at:,_Woleebee,_Queensland,_2023,_01.jpg


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