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Wind Turbines, aviation and radar

Wind Turbines, aviation and radar
April 16, 2013 Admin

With more government interest in diversifying our energy mix, wind turbines are becoming a more normal part of the UK landscape. Investment is being made in developments located onshore and offshore, and both require much work before construction to investigate their impact on a number of key areas. One of these areas is the impact on aviation/radar.

We have been working wind farm radar issues for over a decade and have helped onshore and offshore developers alike. Our advice, even though it sounds obvious, is to check for these issues sooner rather than later. Our Aviation Risk Report (now referred to as the Aviation Risk Assessment) with Expert Commentary is great for this purpose. It will identify radar in the vicinity of your development, and create line of sight calculation charts for any radar or Air Ground Air (AGA) Communication Station listed under the most significant risks section.

Also, the commentary will provide you with an initial combined aviation/radar risk level for your site, as well as recommended next steps.  Ordering this report online makes this process simple and cost effective.

Using the results of this report, we can tailor our advice to keep your development moving in the right direction.


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