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Wind Farm Radar Interference and the Impacts on ATC

Wind Farm Radar Interference and the Impacts on ATC
January 15, 2013 Admin

Pager Power have spent more than a decade trying to resolve, mitigate and stop detrimental affects of wind turbine on radar in the UK and abroad. A recently published article on Flight International has focused on this very same topic, concentrating specifically on impacts to Air Traffic Control (ATC) in the UK.

It talks about two of the key players in developing solutions such as Raytheon and Aveillant. Both have been making progress recently with Aveillant showcasing their 3D Holographic Radar at Cambridge Airport, and National Air Traffice Services (NATS) Ltd – under contract with Raytheon – holding a meeting to discuss using Raytheon mitigation within NATS radars.

Read the Flight International article

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