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Now or Never: Achieving UK’s Net Zero Goals

Now or Never: Achieving UK’s Net Zero Goals
March 10, 2023 Abdul Wadud

With other countries across the globe taking steps to cleaner, greener and renewable energy solutions such as US President Joe Biden’s record-breaking bill, as well as Siemens Energy and Dragados Offshore securing a $4.3 billion investment, the UK and ministers must act now to take steps towards renewable energy, or risk getting left behind. 

net zero goals

Figure 1: Time is ticking [1]

Limiting Factors

Chief Executive of the committee on climate change has said “it would be an enormous mistake to wait until the next general election to introduce a new ambitious policy”[2]. In addition to a general election, government advisers have highlighted other limiting factors such as the obstacles for planning permission, issues with the National Grid and a lack of investment or funding. 

Since 2015, UK government has given £20bn more in support to fossil fuel producers (approximately £80 billion) than those of renewables (£60 billion). Nigel Pocklington, chief executive of Good Energy, said: “The only obstacle to a decarbonised power system is a disinterested Government which has consistently failed to recognise the urgency of the

climate crisis and dragged its feet on implementing the right policy to unleash a renewable revolution in Britain.”[3]

Comparison to the World

Solar energy is more predominant across Europe than in the UK. Countries such as Germany and Austria have 10 times and 25 times more solar thermal capacity per citizen. As well as actual use, the growth of solar energy in the UK is lower compared to Europe. In Italy, solar thermal adoption grew 83% in 2021, owing to the government’s 110% “superbonus” tax deduction. [4] You can read more on the Italian superbonus, here.

The Overall Goal

The UK government has a target of decarbonising electricity generation fully by the year 2035, with the long-distance goal of reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Without drastic changes soon, these goals may no longer be achievable.

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[1] Agê Barros (October 2017) on Last accessed on 10th March 2023. Available at:


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