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Heathrow Third Runway – Safeguarding Update

Heathrow Third Runway – Safeguarding Update
July 22, 2019 Mike Watson


Heathrow is planning a third runway to the north west of the existing two parallel runways. In an earlier article we explained that this could affect future developments in the vicinity of the new runway – particularly beneath the departure and approach paths.

Heathrow is safeguarding the New Northwest Runway now which means that it could object to developments now on the basis that they could adversely affects its future operations. This means that developments that may not have been subject to objections in the past could be subject to objections now.

Proposed new Runway

The new runway will be parallel to the existing runways but is staggered so that it lies further west. It will also be slightly shorter than the existing runways having a length of 3,500 metres. The map below shows the location of the new runway.

Figure 1 Map showing new and existing runways

Obstacle Limitation Surfaces

Obstacle Limitation Surfaces (OLS) are used to control the development of building and structures around airports. The addition of the third runway is likely to result in the following changes:

  • Two new Approach surfaces
  • Two new Take Off Climb surfaces
  • Two new Transitional surfaces
  • Increase in size of Inner Horizontal Surface (HIS)
  • Increase in size of Conical Surface

Public Safety Zones

Public Safety Zones are established at runway ends to limit the risk of air accidents for people on the ground. These zones are long thin triangular areas which extend outwards from the runway ends. New residential development is prohibited in these zones.

The new runway is likely to result in the establishment of two new Public Safety Zones which will restrict development east and west of the new runway.

How can Pager Power help?

We can help with:

  • Determining whether proposed new developments are likely to impact Heathrow
  • Undertaking OLS clearance calculations
  • Advising on mitigation options where developments infringe OLSs
  • Providing advice on resolving airport objections
  • Determining whether developments lie within a PSZ
  • Advising on whether developments breach PSZ policy

To find out more please contact Mike Watson on 01787 319001.




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