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Aveillant technology success at Prestwick airport

Aveillant technology success at Prestwick airport
July 17, 2013 Amy Sudbury

The Scotsman reports that Scotland wind energy output could increase from 9.9GW to 16.1GW now that a new wind turbine radar system has been approved at Prestwick Airport. Aveillant’s 3D Holographic Radar system can identify the difference between wind turbine blades and moving aircraft, allowing more wind turbine applications to be approved.

As the radar was put through it’s paces through turbines at Millour Hill wind farm nothing was highlighted, proving the system to be a success. Other 2D airport wind turbine radar systems could not work to the same accuracy.

The Chief Executive of Prestwick airport suggested The Scotsman that there are more than 10 significant wind farms that would have caused concern in the planning process, which is why it is welcome news.

Aviation Investment Fund Company Limited (AIFC), who invested £500,000 in the project, hope to work closely with Scottish Renewables, the Scottish Government, Aveillant – the radar developer, and the remainder of the aviation industry, to free up more onshore wind farm development sites in the future.

Aveillant and 3D Holographic Radar

The demonstration of Aveillant’s Holographic Radar at Prestwick airport was announced earlier this year when the company secured £6.75 million in funding. The Cambridge Consultant’s spin-offs already have put in place the long term demonstration of their technology at Cambridge Airport, with the deal being signed in late 2012.

Wind Farm Radar Interference

The reasoning behind Aveillant’s technology stems from many wind development being held up by planning conflicts with aviation and radar stakeholders. One account for objection is the creation of clutter on an airport surveillance radar screen. It is always the best idea to assess a potential wind site early on to best channel your resources, and Pager Power can help with their expertise as well as range of online and consultancy services. Click to learn more about the company work.


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