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Wind turbine Shadow Flicker Assessments

Wind turbine Shadow Flicker Assessments
October 6, 2009 Admin

Rotating turbine blades can cause brightness levels to vary periodically at locations where they obstruct the sun’s rays. This effect is known as shadow flicker.

Shadow Flicker can be problematic to local residents when the shadow passes a window which is the sole source of natural daylight for that room. This leads to a stroboscopic effect and can be most undesirable. Once the potential impacts are identified, and the likely extent of the problem has been assessed, suitable mitigation is discussed and recommended.

Pager Power Experience

We have experience in assessing the potential impact of a wind turbine shadow on residential buildings in the vicinity of a proposed development site. Also, we can work with developers to come up with the most suitable mitigation options.

The analysis takes in to account the angle of the sun, the time of year, the location of the site on the earth, and the duration of the effects.

Shadow Flicker Zone Assessment

A Shadow Flicker Zone Assessment gives a basic overview of the proposed development identifying regions where shadow flicker may be an issue. This assessment would consist of a Zone Chart and a single page of notes, indicating the areas where shadow flicker is predicted.

Shadow Flicker Impact Assessment

The Shadow Flicker Impact Assessment also identifies regions where shadow flicker may be an issue, but takes into consideration all dwellings within 1km of the proposed wind turbines. The assessment would require dwellings data which Pager Power can obtain in a number of ways:

Option 1: The client would supply the required dwellings data.

Option 2: The assessment would be desk based, using maps to identify dwellings.

Option 3: A survey of the dwellings would be undertaken.

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