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Whitest-Ever Paint Could Help Tackle Climate Change

Whitest-Ever Paint Could Help Tackle Climate Change
April 19, 2021 Aaron Williams

Whitest Ever Paint

In recent positive news found on the Guardian[1] website, the whitest ever paint has been produced which could be used to cool buildings. Lowering the temperature of buildings with white paint could potentially reduce the reliance on air conditioning which has been shown to use a tenth of UK electricity[2] and could therefore help tackle climate change.

whitest ever paint

Figure 1: White paint can reduce temperatures of buildings and help tackle climate change. [5]

Previous implementations have achieved 80-90% of reflected sunlight however still absorb UV light. White paint has been used previously in Ahmedabad India and New York City[3,4] to cool city buildings. 

The whitest ever paint reflects 98% of sunlight and radiates infrared heat such that surfaces are cooled by 4.5c. The new paint uses barium sulphate as a pigment, to achieve this temperature fall, which does not absorb UV light. Enhanced reflection of solar energy is a cornerstone of many proposed geoengineering solutions for climate change

Researchers claim that the paint will reflect sunlight diffusely; therefore, significant glint and glare effects may not be a concern. Pager Power’s latest glint and glare guidance is in its third edition.

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