Welsh solar park development gains consent
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Welsh solar park development gains consent

Welsh solar park development gains consent
December 18, 2013 Amy Sudbury

Councillors have given the green light for a 6.86MW solar development to be built at a site in Blaenporth, Wales.

The Llwyndu development will consist of over 24 000 solar panels, cover nearly 17 hectares, and be located less than 2 miles away from West Wales Airport. The project’s planning agents told the BBC that three reports had been undertaken to determine the effect of glint and glare on aviation activity. Each deduced that there was no risk.

Solar Developments and Aviation

If a solar development is located in close proximity to an aerodrome, like the Llwyndu project, it can be a requirement to assess the visual impact of glint and glare on aviation personnel. Stakeholders can raise concerns regarding the possibility of direct solar reflections causing a distraction to pilots and air traffic control personnel in a control tower.

Even if it is not obligatory, it is often worth determining any potential glint and glare effects sooner rather than later to address any concerns which may arise. It is worth noting that concerns can be raised from the larger airports to the smaller unlicensed airfields.

Glint and Glare

Pager Power considers the following terms to mean:

Glint – A quick flash of sunlight. For example, a reflection from a window as you drive by.

Glare – A prolonged solar reflection. For example, the sustained level of constant brightness experienced when driving on a wet road.

You can read more about the definition of Glint and Glare in our dedicated post.

How can we help?

We have conducted a number of these glint and glare assessments to determine the impact on aerodromes, providing accurate and reliable results. It is an area of solar studies that we particularly excel at.The findings are clearly presented in a report, which is tailored to meet the specific project requirements.

If you are concerned about the glint and glare impact of your development. Why not contact us and see what we can do to help? We also can also undertake assessments to determine the impact on road users and home owners amongst others.


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