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US install record capacity of wind energy in 2012

US install record capacity of wind energy in 2012
January 22, 2013 Admin

13.2 Gigawatts (GW) of wind power infrastructure was installed and running in the US throughout 2012 report Bloomberg New Energy Finance. This is a record amount, and has helped the national generating capacity reach 60 GW.

Even though this is a great achievement by the US, there are still single turbines and wind farm proposals that are either delayed or stopped by aviation issues. For example, recently Pager Power posted another news item, about how such difficulties have delayed a project in New Mexico.

The wind farm radar or aviation issue is not a new thing. It has been a significant hinderance for developers in many countries. In an article published on the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) blog it was stated that 19 GW of wind energy projects were blocked due to radar problems in 2011. This figure only incorporates the UK, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Greece and Ireland.

Although wind farm planning can be stopped by radar and aviation difficulties, sometimes all can be resolved. We provide worldwide technical assessments for evaluating a proposed wind development for potential problems. Also, we can advise on whether, firstly, the issue can be overcome and, secondly how.

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