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Scottish Power Offers Kincardine as a Mitigation Option

Scottish Power Offers Kincardine as a Mitigation Option
July 11, 2012 Admin

The 117MW Harelaw development proposed by Gamesa, Muirhall Energy’s 500KW single turbine, two West Coast Energy projects and the RWE Npower Renewabes 15MW Middleton scheme have paid to secure access to the Kincardine Radar data.
This list is hoping to be extended as Scottish Power Renewables say they talking with more wind developers also wanting to use Kincardine as a mitigation option.

The Kincardine radar is most famous for providing the mitigation solution for the largest onshore wind farm, Whitelee wind farm. The terrain shielded radar creates an image of the airspace above the turbines, without being subject to interference. This feed then replaces the affected (or cluttered) area of another radar.

The image below clearly shows this procedure. The seamless solution in this case would be referring to the feed from the Kincardine radar.

Kincardine Data Fusion

Pager Power was commissioned to help find a suitable site for the Kincardine radar for the Whitelee wind farm. Further information about out involvement can be read in our Whitelee case study.

If you would like assistance with wind farm mitigation Pager Power are more than happy to help. Feel free to contact us on 01787 319001 or alternatively email


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