Ailsworth resident has PV panels removed following solar glare complaint
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Ailsworth resident has solar panels removed following glare complaint

Ailsworth resident has solar panels removed following glare complaint
July 8, 2015 Danny Scrivener

In a follow up to a recent case study presented in the news article titled ‘Real life examples of glint and glare issues – dwellings’, a resident in Ailsworth, Peterborough, has now had their rooftop solar panels removed after complaints from a neighbouring dwelling regarding solar glare towards an upstairs bedroom. The solar panels were installed for just 8 months. [1]

The Problem

At certain times of the day, it was reported that the newly installed rooftop solar panels were reflecting sunlight into a neighbouring dwelling approximately 6 metres from the panels. It is stated that the glare was ‘so bright that (the) 12-year-old son could not do his homework and was suffering ill health’ [1]. The subsequent campaign and petition led the homeowner to request the council-installed panels to be removed.

Solar Panels in Ailsworth Peterborough were taken down after complaints were received about solar glareFigure 1: The rooftop where the solar panels were located

Previous Cases

To our knowledge, this appears to be the first instance where glint and glare effects from a small-scale roof-mounted solar photovoltaic installation has led to the removal of the panels in the UK.
Glare experienced at the Traffic control Tower on Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, USA, is the only other known example where action has been taken to eliminate solar glare (further information can be found in this news article).

Image accreditation: Google Earth Street View imagery. © 2015 Google.


[1] Residents celebrate after glaring solar panels taken down in Ailsworth, Joel Lamy, Peterborough Telegraph (Last accessed 07/07/15).


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