We Complete a Large Radar and Aeronautical Study
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We complete large South African aeronautical and radar study

We complete large South African aeronautical and radar study
June 23, 2010 Admin

A recent piece of work completed by us is a physical safeguarding and radar assessment for a large wind farm in the vicinity of a South African Air Force base.

Physical safeguarding is the process of keeping the airspace around aerodromes (including airports and airfields) free of obstacles to maintain air safety. It is not only wind farms that can cause problems to airport safeguarding, any tall structure such as radio antenna towers, buildings and even trees can obstruct the airspace. It is something that happens globally.

We have developed a web based tool for producing a quick Obstruction Assessment. This can be used for determining whether any of these constructions are a physical safeguarding hazard.

The online tool can be used to evaluate any tall structure, anywhere in the world, just sign in or register for an account.


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