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Pager Power Newsletter November 2012

Pager Power Newsletter November 2012
December 7, 2012 Admin

The Novemeber 2012 newsletter reported about how Pager Power had helped the Scotland based Westfield Wind Farm overcome a serious meteorological radar objection. Read more about this case study or view other projects we have worked on.
Pager Power have undertaken many Radar Impact Assessments, and the Westfield case required a Weather Radar Impact Assessment. In a previous news article, we explained how wind turbines can interfere with meteorological radar.

Also in the newsletter we informed readers that we would be releasing an “Obstruction Assessment.” It will enable users to identify whether any tall structure, be it a building or a turbine for example, will breach the imaginary protected surfaces that surround an airport. Another bonus is that since this service is part of Pager Power Online it is designed to be rapid, and cost effective.

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