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Glint and Glare Requirements – South Africa

Glint and Glare Requirements – South Africa
September 5, 2018 Mike Watson


The Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) in South Africa requires that solar project applications have a Glint and Glare Impact Assessment Report. The requirement is that all new applications should have a report and there is also a recommendation for reports to be provided for projects already submitted to SACAA.

Figure 1: Boeing 737 Aircraft approaching George Airport South Africa.


The requirement is specified in SACAA Obstacle Notice 4/2017 which is reproduced below:

Obstacle Notice 4/2017 (17/11/2017): Additional Requirements for Solar Project Applications

Kindly note that with immediate effect, all new solar project applications must be accompanied by a Glint & Glare Impact Assessment Report with specific relevance to aviation & aircraft operations. It is recommended that a Glint & Glare Impact Assessment Report be obtained for solar project applications which have already been submitted to the SACAA.

There are various organisations who can perform glint & glare impact assessment. It is however recommended that a credible organisation be utilised for this purpose.

Please note that the cost for any Impact Assessment Report will be for the account of the applicant.

Queries regarding this requirement can be directed to the Obstacle Inspectorate.

Why are Glint and Glare Assessments Required?

Direct solar reflections from solar panels can adversely affect pilots of aircraft and air traffic controllers. The intensity of these reflections can be greater than one would naturally expect due to the size of solar arrays and also due to the fact that solar panels can have high reflectivity when the sun is at a low angle of incidence.

What does a Glint and Glare Assessment Look Like?

Pager Power has undertaken over 300 glint and glare assessments, mostly relating to aviation. You can download some of our published reports at: and and

Why choose Pager Power for your Glint and Glare Assessment?

There are various organisations that provide Glint and Glare assessments including Pager Power. Renewable developers choose Pager Power because:

  • Their first South African Renewable Energy report was completed in 2010
  • They have delivered over 320 Glint and Glare assessments worldwide
  • Their assessments have enabled hundreds of renewable energy developments to go ahead

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Additional Information

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