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Coronavirus and 5G Update

Coronavirus and 5G Update
April 30, 2020 Mike Watson


Following on from our previous article where we showed that the rumour that Coronavirus can’t be true we examine how the rumour grew, how it spread and what the consequences of the rumour spreading have been.

Coronavirus and 5G

Figure 1 Telecommunications Masts in southern Spain

Ingredients of a Rumour

Rumours can be spread if any of the following are true:

  • There is fear or anxiety
  • There is distrust
  • There is a lack of understanding
  • The rumour can be spread easily
  • There are elements of truth in the rumour

Considering each of these:

  1. The Coronavirus is killing people and restricting our lives and no-one knows how much and how long for.
  2. Governments and officials have given bad/wrong advice in the past so there is a level of distrust. The Chinese government is accused of hiding the scale of the Coronavirus epidemic in China.
  3. Viruses are complicated and there are serious unknowns around Covid-19. 5G is new and its full potential is not yet fully understood.
  4. Social and other media allows for rumours to spread very quickly with little fact-checking in place.
  5. High powered radio signals can adversely impact health in some cases.

The Coronavirus 5G rumour has all the elements for it to spread rapidly – even though there is no scientific basis for it.

Consequences of the Rumour

In the UK the rumour seems to have spread further and faster than Coronavirus itself with lots of people believing the rumour in spite of the science. This has led to the vandalism of phone masts throughout the country as well as the requirement for technicians working on mobile masts to hide their identity, travel in pairs and take further security precautions.

Countering the Rumour

Michael Gove, Minister for the Cabinet Office condemned the rumour whilst national medical director Professor Stephen Powis said:

I’m absolutely outraged, absolutely disgusted, that people would be taking action against the very infrastructure that we need to respond to this health emergency.

The reality is that the mobile phone networks are absolutely critical to all of us, particularly in a time when we are asking people to stay at home and to not see relatives and friends.


These rumours are baseless but are likely to keep spreading.

Pager Power can provide objective assessments of the impact of electromagnetic equipment on human health. 



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