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Battle with military officials over wind turbine radar concerns in Scotland

Battle with military officials over wind turbine radar concerns in Scotland
July 29, 2013 Admin

Military officials are concerned that a planned Scottish wind farm will affect the radar’s ability to detect aircraft at an airbase.

Bodinfinnoch, a four turbine development 4km East of Mulben, Moray, will cause unacceptable interference to radar operation at RAF Lossiemouth according to the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

The project has already undergone modifications to reduce the visual impact, by omitting two turbines from the original six turbine application. However developer Wind Ventures continues to support that there is no proof that its scheme would cause any safety concerns.

Wind Turbine Radar Interference

One aviation issue that can arise when planning a single wind turbine – or turbines – is that concerns are raised by stakeholders about interference with radar.

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Online Wind Turbine Radar Interference Tool

Our Calculation Chart which comes as part of the Radar Line of Sight Assessment. Based on bare earth terrain.

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