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Wind Turbines and Communication Links

Wind Turbines and Communication Links
April 12, 2013 Admin

Pager Power Wind Turbine Communications Impact Assessment

The development of a wind farm can impact on the services provided by telecommunications companies and therefore it is important to assess proposed developments to identify any links that cross or constrain a potential site.

We are able to help developers become aware of any issues through a range services; all of which will be tailored to client needs and can be undertaken on a direct or sub-contractual basis.

Communication Link Survey and Report

Pager Power is able to investigate all potential communication issues for a proposed wind farm. The report includes:

  • Full consultation with all relevant identified link operators;
  • A full survey of all communication link ends identified as potential issues;
  • Antenna location record sheets for each surveyed link end;
  • Exclusion zone calculations for any identified potential turbine/link conflicts;
  • An exclusion zone chart of the proposed site and all relevant links;
  • Our conclusions and recommendations

We offer to create GIS datafiles for the identified microwave link path exclusion zones so that they can be marked as constraints against the site. This is particularly useful for any developer wishing to determine a suitable turbine layout taking into account all site constraints.

3D Communication Link Analysis

Our 3D communications link analysis service comprises of a report that analyses any potential link issues in all three dimensions, by taking into consideration the height of the link ends and the turbine dimensions. This allows us to identify exclusion zones in greater detail than a 2D assessment.

A chart is prepared illustrating the exclusion zones, and this is then superimposed onto a 1:50 000 OS map.

Communication Links Mitigation & Consultation

Following initial analysis of the potential issues concerning communications links, Pager Power is able to work on behalf of the developer with an aim to overcome any objections to the wind development through negotiation with concerned parties and the development of practical mitigation solutions.

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