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UK Wind Turbines and Aviation – CAA CAP 764 v4

UK Wind Turbines and Aviation – CAA CAP 764 v4
January 24, 2012 Admin

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has issued updated guidance for wind farms. CAP 764 (Civil Aviation Publication 764) is now at version 4. The updated guidance includes increased safeguarding and consultation distances for offshore heliports (now 9nm) and gliding sites (now 10km).

CAP 764  provides UK CAA policy and guidance on a range of issues associated with wind turbines and their effects that need to be considered by aviation stakeholders, wind energy developers and Local Planning Authorities when assessing the viability of wind turbine developments.

The 4th edition of CAP 764, incorporating amendments, has been issued and is available in electronic format a the publications section of the CAA website.

This revision includes changes to Offshore Helicopter Operations, Consultation Zones around Offshore Helidecks, Helicopter Main Routes and Facilitation of Helicopter Support to Offshore Installations.

Our Radar Detectability Assessment was based on methodology found in v1 of CAP 764.


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