Stealth Coating Ordered for Korean Wind Projects
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Stealth coating ordered for Korean wind projects

Stealth coating ordered for Korean wind projects
February 13, 2013 Amy Sudbury

Due to concerns about detrimental effects on radar signals, Korean Ministry of National Defense has advised that wind turbines be coated in Radar Absorbing Material (RAM).

RAMs are used to make stealth turbines. That is turbines that absorb radar signals or radio waves, instead of reflect them and cause clutter on the radar screen. Although the RAM coating will not absorb all signals it is likely to lessen the overall radar impact.

Korea IT Times reports that two substantial offshore developments have already been put on hold for fears of wind farm radar interference. Namely, these are said to be the 200 MW Saemangeum project and a 200MW project in the Jeju province.The source also draws attention to the fact that it is not just a simple case of painting a turbine, but the coating will alter the centre of gravity and substantially increase the cost of installing the structure.

Stealth technology is also planned to be used in France.

Radar concerns can cause a wind project to be halted, or significantly delayed. We assess potential sites, globally, for issues in the early planning stages to save you time and money. Also, the company has experience of mitigation solutions for those wind power developments further on on the planning process. If you have any relating issues please contact us using  +44 (0) 1787 319001 or email


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