Specialist advice on how to proceed, as standard. - Pager Power
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Specialist advice on how to proceed, as standard.

Specialist advice on how to proceed, as standard.
March 5, 2013 Admin

Pager Power Helps with Every Step

Providing good service to you is important to us and we continually evaluate the way we work to optimise your customer experience.

Resulting from of our latest review we have implemented a change that we think you should know about:

Mitigation advice will be included in all consultancy reports, as standard.
Our aim is to help you every step of the way, and this includes the very next step. We get that it is fundamentally important that you understand what you are dealing with now, however it is equally valuable to learn how to proceed. From now on, whether you order a briefing note or a full impact assessment, we will advise on the best steps for the future of your development.

The change has only enhanced our – we believe unique – ability to provide planning support in such a wide range of areas.

Even More Reasons to Choose Pager Power

  • Single point of contact for multiple reports, covering:  Wind, Solar, Construction; Aviation; TV & Telecoms.
  • Professionally produced reports delivered to a time scale that suits you.
  • Great value with competitive pricing.

We are experts in producing reports concerning aviation conflict; telecoms and TV interference. The best is rarely the cheapest and we are no exception. We do, however, promise to deliver the greatest value. We are a team of specialists, and you will benefit from the resource of a complete team, rather than a single individual. This also means that we can usually work to your time scale – if you have a desired completion date, just ask.

About Pager Power

Specialists in assessing and solving planning issues for the wind, aviation, telecoms and construction sectors – Pager Power is a truly international consultancy company. With easy to use self service online reports, the information you need can be delivered to you within hours.

For the more complex planning issues requiring greater investigation, Pager Power’s specialist consultants are capable of assessing and providing highly detailed analysis and advice.

If there is an issue that Pager Power can assist you with, please use the following details to get in touch

Call +44 1787 319001 or email info@pagerpower.com



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