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Pager Power’s Newest Technical Analyst – Phillip Charhill

Pager Power’s Newest Technical Analyst – Phillip Charhill
November 24, 2023 Michael Sutton

Pager Power’s newest recruit, Phillip Charhill, joined the team earlier this month as one of our Technical Analysts. Phillip has joined the ever-growing technical team who undertake the various assessments across each of our service areas. 

technical analyst

Phillip graduated with a master’s degree in economics from the University of East Anglia, having performed well throughout his academic career. The skills he developed along the way were clearly demonstrated during the recruitment process, particularly project management and communication, which are used daily in the Technical Analyst role.

Outside of work, Phillip enjoys computer gaming, like most of the Pager Power team, and singing.  He is also already giving Harry a run for his money to be crowned best dressed in the office!

Life as a New Technical Analyst

Life as a new Technical Analyst at Pager Power starts with an introduction to the company, getting to know their ‘buddy’, and learning about the core topics we offer. 

The fun starts when undertaking the first glint and glare assessment. Phillip has hit the ground running and undertaken glint and glare assessments in the UK and Ireland. As the Technical Analyst gains more experience, they are introduced to our other specialist topics.

The newest member of the team also spends time answering the phone and getting to know our clients. 

Pager Power

Pager Power has been supporting renewable energy and building developers for over 20 years, helping them to achieve consent by analysing and solving technical constraints at all stages of the planning process.

If any of your projects are facing aviation safety, telecommunication, glare or shadow flicker constraints (among others), please get in touch.


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