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Mike Watson in Radar Mitigation TV Interview

Mike Watson in Radar Mitigation TV Interview
October 8, 2020 Mike Watson


Pager Power has undertaken a number of assessments for WPD who are developing an offshore wind farm to the West of the Taiwanese capital Taipei. The proposed wind farm lies in the vicinity of Taiwan’s main airport Taoyuan.

Taiwan’s aviation authorities are concerned that the proposed development could adversely affect the airport. Whilst in Pager Power’s and the wind farm developer’s view, the proposed wind farm and airport can safely co-exist.

This topic was recently covered in a news piece on Taiwanese television. The link below links to the  section of the broadcast where Director Mike Watson was interviewed.


Whilst the wind farm project is live not too much can be said about the specifics in this article. One of the key areas of work undertaken has been examining the co-existence of wind farms and major airports throughout the world – however – with many wind farms found to be co-existing safely throughout the world. 

radar mitigation TV interview

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