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Managing Aviation Safety when erecting turbines and anemometry masts

Managing Aviation Safety when erecting turbines and anemometry masts
February 1, 2012 Admin

Following some recent discussions in the UK it is recommended that the following steps are taken for UK developments of turbines and anemometry masts (temporary or permanent).

  • Ensuring aviation risks are considered in risk assessments and that these are fully documented and communicated. These should cover aviation risks across all phases of development of a site;
  • Prior to erection or use of tall structures and equipment (temporary or permanent) that relevant authorities and stakeholders have been informed (via the Defence Geographic Centre* for official notification, and also to local aerodromes or flying clubs). Specific site and project conditions may apply, but the minimum information required is typically the precise OS location, tallest point of permanent (tip height) and temporary structures above the existing ground level and the start and finish dates of construction.

Tall Structures and Aerodromes

Turbines and anemometry masts can cause disruption, and hazard, to air navigation because they can penetrate the imaginary surfaces surrounding aerodromes.

Use the Obstruction Assessment with Expert Commentary to discover whether your development will be a hazard, and what you need to do if it is. (Available worldwide)


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