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An introduction to our new TV and radio reception analyser

An introduction to our new TV and radio reception analyser
January 20, 2016 Danny Scrivener

Pager Power has recently purchased a new TV and radio and reception analyser to further improve upon our survey capabilities. The new analysis is perfect for use on our Baseline and Post-Construction Receptions Surveys for wind turbines and building developments.

TV Reception Analyser used by Pager Power for SurveyingFigure 1: Pager Power’s new TV reception analyser

Key features

The new TV and Radio reception analyser has several new features. We have compiled a list of the key features and presented it below:

  • Comprehensive spectrum coverage, which includes a mix of broadcast standards, giving us the ability to survey all around the world.
  • Includes the capability to measure signals for the latest in broadcast technology such as DVB-T2/C2/S2 (DVB-T/C/S), MPEG-2 and MPEG-4.
  • DAB radio measurement options including the ability to record the signal level, the MER (modulation error ratio) and listen to the radio channel.
  • An option for recording over a period of time rather than an instantaneous level reading (for determining how coverage changes between geographic locations).
  • Fast and automatic decoding of channels for viewing picture quality allowing for more efficient surveying.
  • Seven inch high-definition (HD) screen allowing for measurement and viewing of HD channels as well as the ability to overlay multiple images.
  • Five hour battery life (for portability and ease of use in the unlikely event we need to survey in an area where our van cannot reach).


Our new TV and radio analyser adds to our surveying capabilities. If you need to discharge a planning condition or investigate an interference complaint for wind turbines, buildings, or indeed any large structure, please get in touch using the details below and we will be happy to assist.

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