Discharging Wind Farm TV Planning Conditions
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Discharging wind farm TV planning conditions

Discharging wind farm TV planning conditions
September 1, 2014 Kai Frolic

Wind Farm TV Planning Conditions

Common TV Planning Conditions

Many wind farms in the United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland are consented with a planning condition relating to Television (TV) interference.

The exact requirements of these conditions can vary from one council to another, but broadly speaking the condition requires the following:

  • A commitment from the developer to thoroughly investigate the potential impact;
  • Options for mitigating any impact;
  • A process for dealing with complaints.

In some cases there will be additional requirements, including:

An Example TV Planning Condition

A typical condition relating to TV interference is shown below:

“Prior to the construction of the wind farm, a scheme for the remediation of any interference with domestic television reception that may be caused by the operation of the turbines must be submitted to and approved in writing by the Council.”

Discharging TV Planning Conditions

It is important to consider carefully what the condition does and does not require. In the example above, the requirement is for a TV written scheme that informs the council how interference will be dealt with. This planning condition could be discharged relatively easily and inexpensively by preparing a suitable written scheme.A detailed assessment and baseline reception survey would not be required to discharge the condition itself.

A detailed assessment and baseline survey may well be required in the event that interference is reported once the wind farm is operational; however it is certainly advisable to undertake detailed assessment prior to construction.

In cases where additional requirements are set out, further assessment may be required so that the relevant results can be presented to the planning authority.

Advisable Approach

TV interference does occur due to wind farms. A common misconception is that digital TV services are immune to interference from wind turbines – this is not true.

The most prudent approach for dealing with potential issues is to undertake a desk based modelling assessment of potential impacts. In cases where issues are predicted, a baseline TV reception survey may be recommended.
Pager Power Television Interference Surveying - Wind Farms, Buildings and Infrastructure

Our Services

We have developed a number of services designed to discharge planning conditions as well as quantify the potential interference to television caused by wind turbines. Some of the most popular products are listed below; custom analysis can also be undertaken for specific requirements.

  • TV Written Scheme – This is a document designed to address the requirements set out within a planning condition.
  • TV Impact Assessment – We can model the potential issues caused by a wind development in order to quantify the risk.
  • TV Reception Surveys – Reception surveys can be carried out before and after construction to record changes to the TV reception caused by the wind farm.

If you would like help to resolve a wind turbine TV interference issue, just get in touch and we would be happy to help.

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