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Indian Solar Takes Off

Indian Solar Takes Off
March 22, 2017 Mike Watson

Big solar parks are getting bigger with the number and size of solar farms around the world increasing constantly. Kamuthi, India’s largest power plant, has a generating capacity of 648MW. It consists of over 2.5 million solar modules and occupies 1270 acres of land.

Worldwide there are currently 20 solar power schemes with an electrical output of 250 Megawatts or more. The chart below shows how these large schemes are distributed – with India being a key player.

Indian solar

Cochin Airport in Kerala was the first airport in the world to become self-sufficient using its own solar scheme adjacent to the airport. This is shown in the photograph below (taken by the author from a train):

indian solar

Solar schemes and airports can and do coexist although care must be taken to ensure that solar reflections, also known as Glint and Glare, will not adversely affect pilots or road and rail users.

The chart below compares the sizes of some Indian developments:

indian solar

Pager Power provides Glint and Glare studies for solar developments in India and throughout the world. To discuss your scheme please contact me 00 44 1787 319001 or


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