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Height restrictions in place around Dubai airport

Height restrictions in place around Dubai airport
September 27, 2013 Amy Sudbury

With the opening of the Al Maktoum airport to passengers looming, the Dubai Municipality and the Emirate’s Civil Aviation Authority have signed a mutual agreement to restrict the height of structures in the vicinity of the airport, reports the National.

The Al Maktoum Airport

The airport opened last year and has since solely been used to handle cargo flights. However,  this will all change on the 27th October 2013, when it should receive its first passenger flights.

It is expected that the airport will continue to be developed to house 5 runways, have the capacity to handle around 160 million passengers and claim the title of the largest in the world.

Height Restrictions and Airports

It is usual for height restrictions to be in place around airports worldwide. These limits help to maintain safe flight operations so must not be obstructed. They can apply to any structure that has significant height such as wind turbines, buildings, communications masts and even construction cranes.

The airport height restrictions are often part of a larger picture to preserve safe airport operations/ Matters concerning this are referred to by certain names depending on the country (in the UK, it is commonly referred to as physical safeguarding) and also the guideline height limits can vary.

If a development breaches the height restrictions (sometimes also known as Obstacle Limitation Surfaces), it can result in a planning objection and may cause delays. We have built an online tool that helps you quickly identify if a tall structure, planned near to an airport, will impose on these height limits. It’s called the Obstruction Assessment.

The Online Obstruction Assessment

Designed to give you an indication of whether or not your tall development will breach the height restrictions of an airport (no matter where in the world), our Obstruction Assessment will be delivered to you rapidly by email.

Obstruction Assessment chart example

Need some assistance in an aviation planning matter? Contact us.

As experts in aviation studies, we will always do our best to help you. To discuss a project please call +44 (0) 1787 319001 or send an email to info@pagerpower.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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