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Half the Global Energy Demand Could Be Met Using Wind Power

Half the Global Energy Demand Could Be Met Using Wind Power
September 14, 2012 Admin

Researchers from the University of Delaware and Stanford University in America, have released two separate reports outlining the worldwide potential of wind power.

As part of the Stanford University report, authors aim was to find the saturation point for wind generation. In other words, the point at which the generated power is no longer dependant on the number of turbines built. Up until this stage, the power generated is increases proportionately with the growing number of turbines. It was concluded the saturation potential is over 250 terawatts (TW).

Meanwhile, in the Delaware produced study scientists found that by installing 4 million 5MW turbines, generating up to 7.5TW of energy could be achieved. This amount would be enough to serve half of the energy needs in the year 2030. However the research only took into account technical and physical limitations, not financial.


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