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Atlantic Coast Sites Opened for US Offshore Wind

Atlantic Coast Sites Opened for US Offshore Wind
December 5, 2012 Admin

Renewable energy policy is taking force in the US with large areas of the Atlantic Coast being opened up for offshore or Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) wind development.

There are two sites up for competitive lease. One in the coastal waters off of Rhode Island and Massachusetts. The second off the Virginia coast. This is the first time that the US has sold off part of its coast to wind development companies, and if successful these sites will host the country’s first offshore/ OCS turbines and already there has been interest speculated from a selection of European companies such as Iberdrola.  Bidding is due to start within early 2013.

The two sites cover approximately 432 square miles of the Atlantic Ocean. The Rhode Island and Massachusetts site will be sold in two parts, a North and South Zone, whilst the Virginia site remains as one.


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