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A Response To The Energy Crisis

A Response To The Energy Crisis
January 30, 2023 Andrea Mariano

The European energy crisis is not over yet. A lack of gas on the global markets, the high demand after the lockdown and the war in Ukraine have increased the prices of gas, and therefore energy, in the continent [1][2]. 

response energy crisis

Figure 1: Off-shore wind farm south of Kent

Off-Shore Wind Energy in the North Sea

The North Sea has always been economically significant whether it is used for shipping goods, fishing or oil and gas extraction. One characteristic of the North Sea is its bad weather with a significant amount of wind. While this might sound negative it can shape the future of its economic activity. In fact, a significant amount of off-shore wind farms are located in the North Sea and the deployment of wind turbines is predicted to expand.

In 2022 North Sea countries (Belgium, Britain, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Norway) auctioned off 25GW (gigawatts) in wind-power capacity. Circa 30GW of tenders have already been scheduled for the next three years, and annual new connections are expected to grow from under 4GW today to more than 10GW by the late 2020s. The prediction is to have 260GW of off-shore capacity in the North Sea by 2050 [3].

About Pager Power

Pager Power undertakes technical assessments for developers of renewable energy projects and tall buildings worldwide. For more information about what we do, please get in touch.

Pager Power Experience

Pager Power has worked internationally on several off-shore wind farm projects located in the North Sea. It can provide services such as aviation risk assessment, radar mitigation strategies and liaise with stakeholders to overcome objections by mitigating potential impacts and obtain planning permission. 


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