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Telecommunications Impact

Telecommunications Impact Assessments

Why assess Telecommunications Impact?

Building and wind farm developments can potentially affect radio telecommunications systems. Affected systems can include terrestrial television, point to point microwave links, radio telescopes, mobile telephony and private mobile systems.

Concerns typically stem from radio frequency emissions, signal blocking and signal reflections.

What are the benefits of a Pager Power Telecommunications Impact Assessment?

Telecommunications systems are typically operated by government bodies or private organisations.

A Telecommunications impact assessment can reassure developers that their project will not have an adverse impact whilst reassuring Telecoms operators that their radio services will not be adversely impacted.

How are Telecommunications impacts typically assessed?

Telecommunications interference can be predicted – with the typical assessed parameter being Carrier to Interference Ratio (CIR). Additionally telecommunications signals can be surveyed and measured using a specialist survey vehicle with telescopic mast.

When are developments assessed?

Proposed developments are typically assessed at the design, planning and permitting stage so as to ensure that a proposed development will not impact telecommunications infrastructure when built.

When should an assessment be considered?

Developments are generally more likely to require assessment when one or more of the following apply:

  • Development is within 1km of a telecommunications mast
  • Development is a wind turbine or wind farm
  • Development is near a radio telescope
  • Development site is transited by one or more point to point microwave links
  • Development is in Northern Cape Province, South Africa

What does an assessment typically include?

A typical assessment will include:

  • Development Details
  • Telecommunications System Details
  • Assessment Methodology
  • Survey Results
  • Interference Calculations
  • Microwave Link clearance calculations
  • Impact Assessment
  • Conclusions and Recommendations

What countries require Telecommunications assessments?

Telecommunications infrastructure can require assessment throughout the world. Pager Power has undertaken Telecommunications assessments in:


Next steps

If you are planning a development that may impact telecommunications systems please get in touch – we can advise whether a Telecommunications assessment may be able to help your development progress.


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