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Tidal Energy Record Win

Tidal Energy Record Win
September 11, 2023 Abdul Wadud

With recent news of no new off-shore wind project contracts [1], the tidal energy sector has recently scored a big win, in what is a record-breaking achievement.

tidal energy

Figure 1: Waves. 


Following the fifth round of the Contracts for Difference (CfD) scheme, an additional 53MW of tidal energy capacity has been contracted and supported. These developments are expected to be implemented across seven projects across England and Scotland [2]. This adds to the previous 40MW previously secured, and could be deployed as soon as 2028.

Simon Cheeseman, ORE Catapult’s sector lead on wave and tidal energy, said:

“As we strive towards reaching 1GW tidal deployment capacity by 2035, the UK’s world leading expertise in tidal stream energy should be capitalised on – for the benefit of our own energy future, as well as fuelling the green energy transition across the world.”

Further information on the CfD scheme can be found on the Pager Power website.[3].

Overall Impact

Not only do these new projects commit to the UK’s bid for cleaner and greener future, these projects are predicted to be able to power to up to 9,000 homes, supporting the UK’s security of supply, energy transition and broader climate change objectives. [4]

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