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Renewables Backed By British Public

Renewables Backed By British Public
July 18, 2012 Admin

The study which was commissioned by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) indicates high levels of public backing for “a mix of energy sources to ensure a reliable supply of electricty” to the UK and the expansion to our capacity of renewable energy.

Over 2100 households were surveyed to gauge attitudes about climate change and energy policy. The results were released early July 2012 contained a few surprises. One example is  that 55% of those surveyed would be content to have a large-scale renewable energy development located in their area, dispelling the Not In My Back Yard convention.

Along similar lines, 83% supported solar power, 76% are for offshore wind and 66% back onshore wind projects. The generally positive results should help to keep UK energy policy makers on the renewable track.



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