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LAUNCHED: Daylight Sunlight Assessment

LAUNCHED: Daylight Sunlight Assessment
May 2, 2024 Hannah McNaul

With our extensive expertise in modelling the movement of the Sun and how this pertains to complex and specialised planning issues, it is no surprise that we at Pager Power have made the decision to expand our services to include Daylight, Sunlight and Overshadowing (DSO) Assessments.

As of May, we are proud to announce that we are now offering DSO assessments, which evaluate the potential impact of a development on daylight, sunlight and overshadowing on both the surrounding environment and internally within the development. Further information on what DSO is, can be found in our ‘What are Daylight Sunlight Assessments?’ article.

The Pager Power Business Growth team has produced a bespoke geometric model which simulates the Sun’s path and interrelationship of overshadowing between a new building development and those surrounding. This is used to determine the effects upon skylight and sunlight received within nearby windows. A more in-depth explanation of our model can be found here

Why Choose Pager Power

  • BRE 209 and British Standard 17037:2018 compliant;
  • Bespoke, in-house, geometric model;
  • 3D DSO modelling;
  • Expert report writing and planning expertise;
  • Stakeholder consultation;
  • Accelerated delivery options available;
  • Customer focused team, intent on finding solutions;
  • Many areas of building planning expertise under one roof (aviation, telecommunications, television signals and broadband connectivity).

What you’re looking for?

If you require a DSO assessment for your proposed building development, please get in touch on our website or call us on +44 (0)1787 319001 and one of our technical team will be get back to you.

Pager Power

Pager Power is a dedicated technical consultancy that has been providing independent guidance and advice regarding solar developments, wind farms, and building developments internationally since 2002. Further details about what we services we can provide can be found here. Pager Power has completed over 1,300 glint and glare assessments, over 1,000 aviation/radar impact assessments, over 500 television and radio reception surveys, and over 500 telecommunications impact assessments.


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