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Fourfold increase in German renewable energy

Fourfold increase in German renewable energy
March 11, 2015 Kai Frolic

German Achievement

Germany is no stranger to success when it comes to renewable energy. Last year it was reported that Germany was able to produce almost a third of its energy from renewable sources in the first half of 2014 (more information here). It has now been reported [1] that the country has increased its renewable energy output fourfold since the year 2000.

EWEA has also reported that [2] Germany has the largest installed wind capacity of any EU country.

Top Countries for Wind in Europe

Figure 1 below [3] shows the percentage of the EU total for the top three countries in 2014.

Percentage of Wind Power in the EU in 2014 - Germany topFigure 1: Wind power in the EU.

Onwards and Upwards

EWEA also reported [2] that Germany was the leader in terms of annual installation of wind power for 2014. Figure 2 below [4] shows the top six countries with regard to wind power installation for 2014.

Installed Wind Power in 2014Figure 2: Installed wind power in 2014.


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[3] Data based on results reported in reference 1

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