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FAA restricts building heights in Miami for aviation safety

FAA restricts building heights in Miami for aviation safety
January 22, 2015 Jan Georgopoulos

In recent news it was mentioned that the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requested that the overall height of four building developments in the city of Miami needs to be lowered by 13% – 55% of the planned height. The height reduction is due to flying safety concerns.

Tall buildings & Aviation Safety

Aviation authorities can restrict how tall a building can be. Although there is no standard definition of what is a “tall building” there are rules used to calculate how tall a structure can be when in the vicinity of an airport; usually within 15km. These rules can be standard and sometimes adjusted for the specific airport.

FAA & the building height reduction

For the four building developments near Miami Airport (approximately 10km, figure 1), the height reductions requested by the FAA range between 72 feet – 576 feet. These buildings are marked in figures 1 and 2 below. A description of these can be seen in the following table [1] [2]:

Development Proposed Height FAA maximum height Height Reduction
Brickell City Centre high-rise, Brickell Avenue 1,049 feet 473 feet 576 feet
One Bayfront Plaza, 100 S. Biscayne Blvd 1,010 feet 475 feet 535 feet
Met Square, 300 Biscayne Blvd 545 feet 465 feet 80 feet
Aria, North Bay Shore Drive 540 feet 468 feet 72 feet

Table 1: Planned vs FAA building height.
Four Miami Skyscrapers to be reduced in height with respect to Miami International AirportFigure 1: Four planned Miami building developments approximately 10km from Miami International Airport
Four tall buildings in Miami to be reduced in height by FAAFigure 2: The four planned Miami building developments that need to reduce their height

City of Miami and tall buildings

Miami is a city which grows in height. There appear to be over 60 buildings with an overall height that exceeds 400 feet [3]. Examples include the 64 story Four Seasons Hotel & Tower (789 feet tall) and the Southeast Financial Centre (764 feet tall). Figure 3 below shows tall buildings that are more than 492 feet tall in the city of Miami.

Tall buildings of Miami over 492ftFigure 3: Tall buildings in Miami


2014 has been a record year for the completion of tall buildings worldwide. 97 buildings having an overall height of more than 656 feet were completed. These buildings were shared among 54 cities in 19 countries [4].

With an ever increasing global urban population[5] predicted to grow from 54% in 2014 to 66% in 2050 it is likely that the demand for taller buildings will increase. Based on the current aviation rules it is likely we will read more similar news in the future.


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Image accreditations:  Figures 1 and 2: Google earth, Data SIO, NOAA, U.S. Navy, NGA, GEBCO, Image Landsat, Image IBCAO, Image U.S. Geological Survey. Imagery Date: 1/9/2014

Figure 3: Leaflet | Map Data © OpenStreetMap contributors, CC BY-SA 2.0, Imagery © MapQuest

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    FAA approve height, 1049 feet, for 80-storey One Brickell City Centre tower:


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