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Decathlon Launches BuyBack Scheme for Bicycles Across the UK

Decathlon Launches BuyBack Scheme for Bicycles Across the UK
March 5, 2024 Rosie Ranson

Decathlon, a sports company, is offering its customers in 44 of its UK locations the opportunity to sell back their used bikes so that someone else can use them. Through the “BuyBack” service, clients will be able to “upcycle their bicycle.” Customers can receive up to 45% of the RRP in the form of store credit when they sell their used bikes back to Decathlon. Both children’s and adult bikes will be covered by the programme [1].

Decathlon BuyBack BicyclesFigure 1: Family cycling through Cairngorms National Park. [7]

How Does the BuyBack Scheme Work?

To save customers money and offer sports equipment a second life, the initial stage of the programme will concentrate on bicycles, with an estimated 1.2 million underused bikes in sheds and garages throughout the UK [2]. In the initial phase of a planned long-term programme called “BuyBack,” Decathlon is paying cash for bikes bearing its logo. Bicycle owners who no longer desire them can trade them in through the programme and receive a discount on their subsequent purchases from the merchant, which already carries a large selection of “Second Life” products and is hoping to expand this area within the company [3].

The service will initially concentrate on bicycles before expanding to include all product categories, such as exercise equipment, kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, and rackets. The new programme has been introduced by three-time World Champion and seven-time Olympic champion Jason Kenny, along with five-time Olympian Laura Kenny, who holds the record for the most cycling titles held by a British athlete [4].

The Current Statistics

Over 50% of adults have unused sports equipment kept in their homes, with bicycles accounting for 18% of the equipment, according to new research commissioned by Decathlon. Further investigation revealed that 48% of parents acknowledged that, if they had a bike, their child used it infrequently or hardly at all [4].

BuyBack is already available in several European regions. To date, Decathlon has restored over 250,000 goods in various markets. In Belgium, refurbished bikes have been especially popular, making up 40% of the retailer’s bike sales. Decathlon hopes to refurbish 15,000 bikes a year in the UK by 2025. Decathlon UK’s sustainability leader Chris Allen said: “With the cost of living still continuing to impact sport and fitness participation across the UK, at Decathlon we are determined to ensure that sport participation continues and is not affected by the rising cost of goods.” [5]

Other Similar Schemes

This isn’t the first time Decathlon has implemented a scheme to reduce waste. In 2023, the company tested the waters with a buyback plan with its best-selling camping tent. It asked festival-goers who bought the £29.99 Quechua MH100 Two Person Tent to take good care of it and return it to the retailer for a complete refund in the shape of a gift card. In addition, the shop is increasing the amount of time it rents out to customers since it believes that this is an inexpensive method for more people to participate in adventure sports. At the same time, it hopes to discourage customers from purchasing a lot of equipment and utilising it infrequently [6].

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