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Cheltenham Town Football Club Going Green

Cheltenham Town Football Club Going Green
January 10, 2024 Abdul Wadud

Cheltenham Town Football club have made a green signing to end their 2023 calendar year, and have installed solar panel arrays at their Completely-Suzuki Stadium.

Big Team Player

The installed panel arrays, 213 solar panels to be exact, feature across the Colin Farmer and Hazelwoods Stand. The development will contribute towards 25% of the stadium’s energy demands [1] and has the capacity to generate up to 77 MWh [2]. The estimated reduction of CO2-emissions is approximated to be 20 tonnes over a 25-year usage period. The equivalent to that would be 3,864 trees which would be the (appropriate) comparison of three football pitches.

Sustainable Signing

The £90,000 investment is £40,000 greater than any of Cheltenham Town’s record signing (£50,000).  Paul Bence (Commercial Director) describes the project as “an important step in creating a more sustainable, lower emissions football club”. 

“For us, it is about investing wisely in a greener future that will benefit the environment, the club, and the local community.”

“It’s a £90,000 investment by the club. Not only do we maximise our benefits on the pitch but it’s off the pitch with investments like these, which are really important to the infrastructure of our football club.” [2]

Greener Football

Cheltenham Town’s development makes their stadium the only stadium in their league powered by solar energy [2]. Outside of football, the development is the largest rooftop project in Cheltenham. 

The development contributes to making football greener, following on from Game Zero; a Premier League match which achieved zero carbon emissions [3].

Pager Power and Solar Developments

Pager Power can assist with similar solar developments by producing technical assessments for glint and glare impacts, layout optimisations and more. For more information, please visit our website.






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