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Wind Turbine Airport Images

Wind Turbine Airport Images
July 8, 2018 Mike Watson

Wind turbines and airports co-exist throughout the world despite the fact that wind turbines can present an obstruction risk to low flying aircraft as well as potentially affect radar systems. This article presents photographs of wind turbines located near airports and airbases throughout the world.

Wind Turbines near Travis AFB California

The turbines are approximately 8 kilometres from the runway. Red air traffic control radar antennae can be seen at the top of the tower in the foreground.

wind turbine airport

Figure 1 Wind turbines near Travis Air Force Base California

Wind Turbines near La Palma Airport, Canaries, Spain

The two turbines are approximately 420 metres east of the main runway.

wind turbine airport

Figure 2 Wind turbines near La Palma Airport, Canaries, Spain

Wind Turbines at East Midlands Airport, England

The Pager Power photograph below shows two operational wind turbines at East Midlands airport which are approximately 1.3km south of the main runway. The turbines are operated by the airport. Click here to view a video.

wind turbine airport

Figure 3 Wind turbines at East Midlands Airport, England

Wind Turbines at Kotzebue radar, Alaska

These two turbines are operated by the US Air Force to provide additional power for operating this remote radar station.

wind turbine airport

Figure 4 Wind turbines at Kotzebue radar station Alaska

Wind Turbines near Upolu Airport, Hawaii

The turbines lie approximately 600 metres south of the airport.

wind turbine airport

Figure 5 Wind turbines near Upolu Airport, Hawaii

Wind Turbine near Leeds Bradford Airport, England

The image below shows a small wind turbine at Carlton Hall Farm.

wind turbine airport

Figure 6 Wind turbine near Leeds Bradford Airport

Wind Turbines near Caernarfon Airport, Wales

There are two turbines adjacent to the runway at Caernarfon Airport.

wind turbine airport

Figure 7 Wind turbines under construction at Caernarfon Airport

Wind Turbines at other airports

Other airports with wind turbines in the immediate vicinity include Galapagos, Liverpool, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Lubeck, Bristol, Lydd, Newcastle, Honolulu and Boston.

Resolving Wind Turbine Airport Issues

Pager Power can help. For resolving physical obstruction issues click here and for resolving radar issues click here.

Alternatively please call Mike Watson on +44 1787 319001 or email

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